Eventually, everyone discovers online boxing games. To do this, it is not necessary to love real boxing or participate in this sport in real life.
To love boxing games online, you just need to love adrenaline, a taste of struggle and have the will to win.

What can you find boxing games?

If you think that boxing games is boring and is limited, only to games in which two people enter the ring and fight with each other, then you are very mistaken. The modern industry of online video games offers many different options for boxing games.

You can meet in the ring cows or roosters, as well as various other animals. However, if, nevertheless, the battle will take place between human beings, then it can also be anyone. You can fight in the ring with any celebrity. You can even challenge a hero of your beloved or unloved from a series or movie, cartoon or anime.

How are boxing games arranged?

The main thing you need to know about boxing games is that the fighters in the ring must put on special boxing gloves. The fight in the ring is called sparring, it includes 12 rounds.

The goal of each fighter is to knock out his opponent. To ensure that the fight takes place according to all the rules, the referee or judge is watching. As soon as your opponent falls, the referee starts counting up to ten seconds. During this time, your opponent must rise. If within 10 seconds your opponent does not get on his feet, then a loss is counted to him.

Also in boxing games there is such a thing as technical knockout: if your opponent got to his feet, but he has injuries that prevent him from continuing the fight, then he is counted as a technical knockout.

There are times when both athletes stay on their feet for all rounds and reach the end of the fight without injuries. In such cases, victory will be established on points that are awarded for the technique of warfare.

If during the battle rounds one of the athletes violated the rules of boxing games, then he will be awarded penalty points, which will also be taken into account when deriving the overall result, especially if the winner is determined by points.

History of boxing games

Everyone has known the sport, when two fight in the ring, and then the judge raises the winner’s hand up, since very ancient times.

Boxing arose in England at the very beginning of the 18th century. During its existence, it has more than once become a forbidden sport, since society recognized it as dangerous and cruel. After that, no one betrayed boxing to oblivion, but only interested people corrected its rules and conditions, after which boxing again took off in its popularity.

However, it will be wrong to assume that England is the birthplace of boxing. Rather, England has the role of the country that popularized boxing. A sport similar to boxing can be found on frescoes from Ancient Egypt, as well as in the culture of the Sumerians and Minoans. Scientists have established that historians in the 5th century BC already participated in pitchfork sports, similar to boxing. There is even an opinion that the founder of boxing is Hercules himself.