Adult swim games are games that have been released by Adult Swim games, a publisher based on the eponymous cluster of a television channel.

Who are Adult swim games?

It all started with a block that separated from Cartoon Network and closed the door for children under 18 years old. The broadcasting framework of this block was limited to night hours, and during this period broadcasts for adults, as well as TV shows and animes were broadcast.

Later, based on this block, the gaming publisher Adult swim games was founded, which began to produce online games based on the series, cartoons and anime that were broadcast on the channel.

What animated series, animes and films formed the basis of adult swim games?

Since the Cartoon Network made an attempt to satisfy the interests of the segment of the population that watches the channel at night, Adult swim games has made an attempt to satisfy the interests of these same people in the gaming direction.

Among the series, cartoons and films, on the basis of which adult swim games were subsequently created, can be called Cowboy Bebop, which was the first anime series to be released on this channel.

Among the most famous are games such as House of Dead Ninjas, Polar Bear Payback, Amateur Surgeon and Hemp Tycoon.

What are the features of the games of the genre?

All the creations of the Adult swim channel have a special style, so they are difficult to confuse with something.

This is a special color scheme in which the content is made, and the content itself. Among the content that the publisher presents, there are versions of already known series, but they are released without censorship.

The approach of the game creators is interesting: the designers of this publishing house create even games for children as content intended for adults, which only attracts children to such games.

Games in this category are developed and presented on all platforms, they are distinguished by bright high-quality graphics and a good study.
The genres in which adult swim games are presented are the most diverse. Mostly they are created in the form of action games and arcades, but among them there are entertaining quests, energetic and interesting story shooters, as well as logical games with elements of adventure.
Plots of games of this category are sometimes striking in their illogicality. Like in the Rain world game, where the main character is a slug, who was left alone and without a family as a result of the flood. Even quite standard categories, such as the billiards simulator, in this publishing house are created non-standard and special: here the balls run around the billiard table with their feet, and the cunning crayon guards them, bypassing the table around the perimeter.

Among the games created on the basis of anime series, one can name Battle Chef Brigade, combining the genres of fantasy and adventure, a cooking game and a logical game, shooting and quest. You can also note Rise & Shine, which combines the features of space shooting, adventure and detective quest.