The category snowboarding games contains games dedicated to the beautiful sport of snowboarding.

What is snowboarding and what is snowboarding?

All snowboarding games require the main character to use a special device for snowboarding. A snowboard is a board on which athletes slide down a snowy crust from a mountain.

Snowboarding is a sport that involves riding on such a board. Snowboarding is one of the winter Olympic sports.

Sandboarding is considered a type of snowboarding, when people ride on a snowboard on the sandy slopes in the desert.

The main character of snowboarding games is a snowboarder

An athlete who is engaged in snowboarding must have good physical fitness, be able to keep balance. For snowboarders, special suits are provided, including many protective elements - protective elements for the legs and arms, for the back, as well as a special helmet.

For the first time snowboarding was included in the program of the Winter Olympics in 1998. The sport itself appeared in 1960. The father of snowboarding is considered the American Sherman Poppen, who made a board for his daughter, which became the first snowboard. But the inventor called his board snurfer. The first snowboard was more like a skate without wheels, because the inventor simply glued two skis together. In order to ride this device, you had to hold on to a rope that was tied to the nose of the ski.

Over time, snowboarding became so popular that world championships began to be held in this sport. All of the main ski resorts now include snowboard parks. Not just slides, but other sorts of sports equipment are installed in such parks.

What are the many types of snowboarding games available?

Different sorts of contests exist in the sport of snowboarding. There is an online snowboarding game for each of these sorts.

The most common type of snowboarding is parallel slalom. In games like this, you just need to complete the track as quickly as possible so that your time to complete is less than that of your competitor, who moves along a parallel track.

If you prefer long distances, then you better choose the game of parallel giant slalom, then you can take part in the Olympic competitions, because this type of snowboarding is included in the Olympics.

Another type of competition is snowboard cross, which involves not just going down the slope, but also overcoming various obstacles.

In addition to the above, there are such types of snowboarding as halfpipe, slopestyle, big air, jibbing. All these types of snowboarding can be found in snowboarding games, which also involve different genres - from sports simulations and racing to arcades with a training mode. Most fans of snowboarding game have racing games. There is also such a style as freeride, in which the athlete freely snowboard on unprepared slopes, without having a predetermined route. In this kind of snowboarding, there are no strict rules for riding.

Modern snowboarding games are made in excellent high-quality graphics, have a variety of locations and game plots. Among the fans of these games you can meet people of all ages.