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Underrail is an old school turn-based isometric indie role playing game that focuses on exploration and combat. It's inspired by western RPG classics such as Fallout, Arcanum, Neverwinter Nights and System Shock 2.

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Dev Log #29: Foundry


Dev Log #29: Foundry

Hey guys. We're still working on the new updated and it will be a while longer because some of the new areas require quite a bit of graphical work. Here's a little sneak peak at the new major urban area...

Mar 3, 2014 News
Dev Log #28: Energy Shields


Dev Log #28: Energy Shields

This has been long overdue but I finally got around to implementing energy shields. The main purpose of energy shields is to provide the player with kind of a health buffer, particularly against ranged...

Feb 2, 2014 News
Dev Log #27: Version released


Dev Log #27: Version released

Hey guys, the new version has been released. For a preview of what's new you can check out this and past four dev logs.

Jan 21, 2014 News
Dev Log #26: Alternative Experience System


Dev Log #26: Alternative Experience System

The new version is complete and the build is running as I type this. Tomorrow we'll be starting the internal testing so you can expect the new patch to go live sometime next week. In the meantime, I want...

Jan 12, 2014 News
Dev Log #25: Game Economy Changes


Dev Log #25: Game Economy Changes

Alongside working on the new content, I'm also doing major re-balancing of some game mechanics in order to improve the game economy, both in monetary sense and in other aspects. I'm going to talk about...

Dec 24, 2013 News
Comments  (0 - 10 of 372)
Crosmando Feb 3 2014, 4:09am said:

Is it possible that Assault Rifles will be getting some exclusive Feats in future versions?

Crossbows, Snipers, even Pistols, all seem like they have good Feats, but AR only really has Full-Auto

+1 vote     reply to
Crosmando Feb 3 2014, 4:20am replied:

I think something like a "Suppressive Fire" Feat which fires a burst into an AoE circle and stuns all enemies inside it could be good for a "crowd control" type ability.

+1 vote     reply to
StygSoft Feb 3 2014, 7:13am replied:

Yes, I have something similar planned.

+1 vote     reply to
Crosmando Feb 4 2014, 1:56am replied:

Good stuff. Have you also considered making a combat ability Feat which uses Persuasion (because Yell uses Intimidation)? Something like Animal Charm I guess?

+2 votes     reply to
Polyfemus Jan 21 2014, 2:13pm said:

Can't wait for this to be finished so I can buy it.

+2 votes     reply to
TheAleks Mar 17 2014, 9:37pm replied:

This does promise to be a fantastic experience, based on everything I've read and seen so far. I don't generally buy into paid Early Access or paid Alphas, not so much for the financial reason (I think that this is a valid way to support an indie game in progress), but more because I really want to experience a game fully, especially a game I'm really excited about. I can't say I'm not tempted, however. I'm really glad that open ended, turned based, tactical games have been having such a renaissance lately.

+1 vote     reply to
WeasleX Jan 12 2014, 4:31pm said:

Honestly, one of the best RPG's Ive ever played. It's solid.

+4 votes     reply to
king_of_mankind Nov 28 2013, 12:32pm said:

Just uninstalled the demo and removed it from my account. ... Because I just bought it on Steam :D

0 votes     reply to
Crosmando Nov 28 2013, 7:19am said:

Any chance of an update/more content soon? I'm anxious to play more Underrail

+2 votes     reply to
StygSoft Nov 29 2013, 5:48am replied:

We're working on new content, but I don't think it will be ready before the New Year, sorry.

+3 votes     reply to
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