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Jan 7, 2009
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Desura is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers, putting the best games, mods and downloadable content from developers at gamers fingertips, ready to buy and play. Welcome to the official Desura BLOG, watch this profile to keep updated, join to show your support.

Blog RSS Black Friday! - Nov 28

0 comments by JJones_BJJG on Nov 28th, 2014

Black Friday is upon us! Along with the great four games listed below, we also wanted to shine some light on the Mystery 2 Bundle over at IndieRoyale. Be sure to check that out along with this weeks free games:

The first game is Astralia for Windows. Astralia is a top down space shooter with RTS elements, you fly around shooting up monsters, at the same time commanding a team of drone fighters and capital ships, and gathering resources.

Game number two is CaveExpress for Windows and Linux. CaveExpress is a classic 2D platformer with physics-based gameplay and dozens of levels.


Thirdly we have BattleLite for Windows. BattleLite is a new, innovative, third-person-shooter which only has a multiplayer gameplay mode

And lastly we have Sector Seven for Windows. Sector Seven is a game with powerful ship building system allowing player to build unique space ship tied with an epic story and epic bosses.



Check back next week for more free games in the spotlight.

Freedom Friday - Nov 21

6 comments by JJones_BJJG on Nov 21st, 2014

Another Friday, another batch of free games. Freedom Friday is here and with it four great games:

The first game is Move for Windows, Mac and Linux. Move features a simple but smooth gaming experience about creating a network of nodes. The player has to find a pattern for the colors that are produced or required by the nodes and link them together. The game offers 36 different levels, medals and touch support.

Game number two is Erie for Windows. Erie drops you into a visually stunning, yet terrifying scenario where your goals are to investigate, survive, and finally escape. It’s first person horror meets intense dark-ride with hidden, rotting cats.


Thirdly we have Zombie Grinder for Windows, Mac and Linux for Alpha release. Zombie Grinder is a cooperative multiplayer arcade game, reminiscent in style and gameplay of retro games like 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors' and 'Super Smash TV!', but with the added benefit of some newer game mechanics - achievements, ranking, player-customization, rpg style stats and so forth.

And lastly we have Cubic Roll for Windows. Rolling a cube has never been more challenging. Stay on track for as long as possible, collect coolers and avoid overheat, win medals and beat records!



Check back next week for more free games in the spotlight.

Freedom Friday - Nov 14

0 comments by JJones_BJJG on Nov 14th, 2014

Freedom Friday is upon us again. We have four great free games for you to enjoy without spending a dime:

Game number one is Refunktion for Windows. Refunktion is a first-person stealth platformer with exploration and speedrun elements. This is a very challenging game dedicated to the hardcore players. The first episode of Refunktion was released for free.

Number two is Annex: Conquer The World for Windows and Mac. Annex: Conquer the World is an anime themed real time strategy game that brings fast paced combat with a diverse arsenal. Play as one of four factions: The East Ocean Alliance, the NEO Republic, the Shadow Organization, or the Renegades as they struggle for dominance all over the world, competing for a priceless red mineral.


Thirdly we have Being Beauteous for Windows, Mac and Linux. Being Beauteous is a short kinetic novel that reinvents the overly known story of Cinderella by throwing in a surprising element that disrupts the traditional fairytale in a bittersweet manner...

And Lastly we have F-1 DRIVE for Windows and Linux. F-1 DRIVE is a small racing game. The goal is simple, to run the best laps you can.



Enjoy this week's free games and come back next week for more!

Bad Juju Acquires Desura from Linden Lab

7 comments by INtense! on Nov 11th, 2014

The move comes after several months of coordinated planning by the companies to ensure uninterrupted operation of the Desura service as well as a comprehensive roadmap of new features that will significantly benefit both its users and game developers during the upcoming months and beyond.

Linden Lab has begun an ambitious project to create the next generation of virtual worlds, while continuing to improve Second Life®, and grow Blocksworld®. Transitioning Desura to Bad Juju Games enables the company to enhance the focus of its resources on these priorities, while ensuring that spirit of Desura's original vision lives on and game developers and players on the platform continue to be well served.

In addition to development of its own game titles, Bad Juju Games has spent the majority of the past few years building state-of-the-art big data backed tools, technology and interactive solutions for several "AAA" game titles in the Console and Mobile Gaming markets including popular franchises such as Call of Duty®, Tekken® and Ace Combat® to name a handful. Today, the Bad Juju Team has completely re-architected its technology focusing on an extensive assortment of game enhancing features that would otherwise be cost prohibitive for Developers to justify on a limited budget or while facing rather aggressive timetables.

As the Gaming industry continues to evolve at a dramatic rate, Bad Juju Games is dedicated to providing solutions for Mobile, Console and PC based Developers that significantly level the playing field and provide many of the core services that Gamers have come to expect from top grossing game titles. Through its acquisition of Desura, Bad Juju Games will be offering its Developers at no additional costs, the core modules and services such as Leaderboards, Achievements, Cloud Storage, Player Stats and Profiles and its Business Intelligence that are also fully cross-platform.

But not only will Game Developers benefit from news of the Bad Juju acquisition, as the dedicated Gamers choosing to make their purchases from Desura can expect rather significant overhauls in the Desura experience, major price savings, rewards, an expanded game title catalog and a fully native cross-platform game management client application that Desura has been lacking. "From the start, Desura has made great strides to deliver Gamers a viable game publishing service offering a wide selection of games not found on Steam®", commented Tony Novak, President of Bad Juju Games. "Now, our team at Bad Juju is tasked with significantly raising that bar - An effort that we intend to approach while continuing to embrace the DRM Free movement and principles that has made Desura a contender amongst the limited field of digital and PC Games Publishers."

"This marks a very important milestone for Bad Juju Games to reach the greatest breadth of Game Developers and Gamers whom all share a fanatical passion for gaming as a whole," continued Novak.

"Bringing back the ‘old school' game titles that have been lost but not forgotten, finding new emerging titles and tapping into the wealth of Asian import games are just a few of the efforts that Bad Juju will be actively pursuing as Desura is absolutely here to make a very loud splash in the market."

Freedom Friday - Oct 31

1 comment by Henley on Oct 31st, 2014

Freedom should never cost you an arm or a leg, unless you're giving them up for freedom but it should never cost you anything! Which is why we have four fantastically free games for you to enjoy without slapping down your favourite righty and lefty limb.

Game number one is Diamond Deeps for Windows. Diamond Deeps is an arcade action game that involves a lone miner collecting diamonds from within a dungeon. Collecting the diamonds is easy enough, but avoiding the angry ghost chasing you makes it much, much harder! Luckily you also have a freeze-trap in addition to the mining pick in your bag of tools so you can freeze the ghost and evade them as much as possible while trying to gather the gems as quickly as you can.

Number two is New Outbreak for Windows. New Outbreak is 2D Top Down survival game. Sandbox open world offers you many ways how to survive. You will need basic needs such as food or water from looting buildings and houses. When all the supplies are gone, your only chance is hunting and farming. Trade guns or craft various things.

Thirdly we have Dungeon Nightmares for Windows. Every night you go to bed, you find yourself in an endless nightmare that you must escape from. The dungeon is littered with items for you to collect, including Candles that help light up your path. But be warned, you will not be alone in there. You must survive each night and progress to another to find more clues about this nightmare. What do these nightmares mean? Who is that girl? this is something for you to find out…

Lastly we have The Princess for Windows. The Princess is a top down RPG where within the game where you must save a princess who was kidnapped by monsters and taken to a pyramid! Save her!

Come back next week for more FREEDOOOMMM!!!~

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