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Build your world in the far reaches of space with XenoMiner, the new voxel-building hit from Gristmill Studios. Features an intense lunar survival theme, fully scriptable autonomous bots, futuristic tools and tech, a growing community and more to come!

  • The Big Crater biome, coming soon
  • Leviathan Reactor
  • Crater Biome
  • Sky Island Biome
  • Leviathan Endurium Reactor
  • Inside the Xenos Tower
  • Inside the Xenos Tower
Won't Install - "No Mirrors" Error


Won't Install - "No Mirrors" Error

In the ongoing saga of this Indie Royale bundle, we're now battling an issue with Desura's installers that won't let new purchasers install the game. Update: We believe things are fixed and back in order...

Oct 21, 2013 News
IndieRoyale/Desura Multiplayer Crash


IndieRoyale/Desura Multiplayer Crash

Well, we did it again. In our rush to fix pristine install launches, we apparently broke multiplayer joins. Cue the facepalm.

Oct 18, 2013 News
3 Fantastic Sims, One Bundle!


3 Fantastic Sims, One Bundle!

Three sims and three more excellent games featured in the Indie Royale bundle. A transportation sim, a dungeon-building sim and a space survival sim all for one low price!

Oct 18, 2013 News
Install Launch Errors


Install Launch Errors

Some new purchasers are reporting errors that are causing the game not to launch: A fix patch just went live, please uninstall and reinstall if you were having issues.

Oct 17, 2013 News
XenoMiner in Indie Royale Birthday Bundle!


XenoMiner in Indie Royale Birthday Bundle!

XenoMiner joins Cities in Motion 2, Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, Impire and Perfection in the Indie Royale Birthday Bundle. Grab it now while it's incredibly cheap! Includes an unlock code for our "Call...

Oct 16, 2013 News
Comments  (0 - 10 of 223)
micromil Mar 2 2014, 6:12am said:

I would really like to play Multiplayer but can't seem to find any servers.
If there was a lobby that allowed you to find open servers easily that would really help.
Would help the Multiplayer aspect of the game grow too.

+2 votes     reply to
Proteus123 Feb 16 2014, 6:32am said:

Still no way of shutting down the loud heartbeat in settings (which need to be much, much better). It drives me nuts. Refuse to play the game until this is fixed!
I like the game. It has serious potential BUT it is very console like in how it works and looks (UI). It's quite clunky to say the least. Still Very little mouse over information and weird organisational things. Poor use of screen space as well as keyboard and mouse. Huge click fest when looking for things to create or similar. Also, HUGE annoyance: the creator thingie need to look in ALL containers (not just the player) when looking for components and materials. It drives me crazy having to re-organize my stuff all the time in order to find out what I can make and not. If I can look in the stasis containers, so can other equipment!
Improvements gentlemen!

+1 vote     reply to
kintz80 Feb 8 2014, 7:19pm said:

if you right click the .msi download and select "open link in browser" it will start the download :) have fun

+1 vote     reply to
JamesMorin Feb 8 2014, 3:36pm said:

try google chrome and it might work. i have been trying on firefox till now

+1 vote     reply to
JamesMorin Feb 8 2014, 1:57pm said:

i downloaded the demo from gristmill.com and it wont play either:c

+1 vote     reply to
JamesMorin Feb 7 2014, 2:25pm said:

eveytime i click the msi thing it says loading up by the search 4 about 1 sec then nothing happens

+1 vote     reply to
gristmillstudios Feb 7 2014, 11:04am replied:

As mentioned below, try the "standalone MSI" version on the right. It seems some users are having trouble with the Desura-client installed version. The standalone should work.

If you're still having issues after trying that, shoot us a PM so we can help you track it down.

+1 vote     reply to
JamesMorin Feb 7 2014, 2:18pm replied:

where do i download the standalone version and do i got 2 buy it again? do i go 2 gristmill .com to get it?

+1 vote     reply to
gristmillstudios Feb 7 2014, 2:25pm replied:

No you don't have to buy it again. It's on this page. This webpage you're on right now. Scroll up and look on the right hand side of the screen.

It says:

Beta MSI Installer
v2.1.5 119.77MB

Click it, it downloads.
Beta MSI Installer

+1 vote     reply to
JamesMorin Feb 27 2014, 10:16pm replied:

well if that is the case then i am screwed. i want to keep the game anyway but i still wish i could play it. if you know any1 in waterbury who is giving away a laptop an old laptop for free let them know i will take it off of their hands for them. i would buy a newer one but i am to poor to afford anything really at the moment.thanks for the info anyway.

+1 vote     reply to
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