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TrapThem revolves around technical and demanding puzzle-gameplay about outsmarting and trapping the enemies while avoiding being trapped yourself. This game introduces innovative block physics. The mechanics are as simple and pure as it can get for their purpose. The game introduces all of its main mechanics early on instead of accumulating new systems you have to learn. So the challenge is to get better in what you are already using, like in chess.

- technical and demanding gameplay, designed for the ambitious gamer
- innovative block physics
- wide variety of challenges
- multiple solutions rewarding player's creativity
- puzzles which will bend even the strongest minds
- 100+ caves to explore
- smooth gameplay in 60fps and clockwork perfect game mechanics
- ideal Xbox 360 controller support

TrapThem is in the Indie Royale Bundle 11


TrapThem is in the Indie Royale Bundle 11

TrapThem is now also available in the current Indie Royale Bundle 11.

Mar 16, 2014 News
TrapThem - Release


TrapThem - Release

TrapThem is releasing on June 6 on Windows systems.

May 27, 2013 News
cirruspaxton May 10 2014, 3:22pm said:

I really enjoy this game! I am a big fan of Boulderdash and its many cousins, and this game does elicit that sort of feeling. However, it goes a bit further, obviously, with the way gravity works, and it's a blast!

10/10 for me. :)

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Vernunftmensch Nov 6 2013, 5:38pm said:

Such a great and very inventive puzzler. I don't think the footage makes it justice. The brilliant challenges reveal themselves in the advanced stages of the game. There are so many of them and they are very varied. The game never grows tired to enforce discovery of new ways/techniques to solve the puzzles. There have always been moments I felt like now I know all the tricks, and then a new level proves me wrong again. What also seems like a remarkable feat is that the game feels absolutely rock solid, intimidatingly perfect even. In other games I have always found ways to glitch through something, bypassing the actual challenge. But not so in Trapthem. Here you have to discover, understand and apply the concepts in order to solve the advanced levels of the game. Blind trial and error won't help you anymore. The cool thing about it is that there are often still several solutions to a level, even when you are convinced otherwise. I play it together with a friend of mine and he plays it completely differently, crafting ideas I never thought of and vice versa.

I have to admit there are still some levels being over my head. It has to be said it is clearly targeted towards the thinking player and it requires a lot of brain energy if you want to make it far. But it really makes thinking fun and boy does it feel rewarding. Even if you are not so much into puzzles Trapthem might get you into them. Personally this game is gold.

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TimeToThink Sep 15 2013, 2:19pm said:

TrapThem is a clever designed little puzzler. The block physics of the game are a refreshing new gameplay element which I have never seen before in any other puzzler. The 3 types of levels (puzzle, action and mix) are all fun to play.

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franbelle Jul 8 2013, 9:09am said:

This is a very clever puzzle ; liked the demo.
What prevent me from buying the full game is the fact that it is absolutly not portable.

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Reiart Jun 7 2013, 1:54am said:

This is a really good game, once you understand the mechanics behind how the blocks fall. I got stuck on the second level for a while, I am now up to the level where you place all the bombs. I am on the first mountain, so it seems to have many levels.

I liked the thief levels especially, how you could become the red thief, steal the gems off the yellow thief and get through the bombs that way. There is variation in the level designs and mechanics used as well, placing crystals, bombs ...enemies are all different. Seems flawless at this point, you are a master of game and level design ...if this was on the Super Nes it would be a hit.

Really does make thinking fun ...I am not a good level designer but I think a level editor would be great so as to play levels made by others and extend it's play-time. I know there are different modes when you get past the first mountain, such as puzzle, action etc ...I am looking forward to some of the puzzle levels once I get past the first mountain.

Yeah, so great game; for the price anyone interested in this sort of thing should definitely give it a go.

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Silverhawk85 Jun 6 2013, 5:17pm said:

Looks very interesting. Does it have a leveleditor? Bought it anyway.

+3 votes     reply to
RetroMasters Jun 6 2013, 5:45pm replied:

Hi, the game is supposed to be a closed and complete standalone. But by sufficient interest in the game I will make the effort to provide a public ready editor and also linux- and mac-ports.

Thank you very much for your interest. I hope to please you well. It means a lot to me.

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Luminesque Jun 5 2013, 10:57pm said:

Looks cool, but I would like to try a demo before buying

+1 vote     reply to
Reiart Jun 5 2013, 10:56pm said:

Just got it, Is 1.2 the full version?
...says it releases today, but the post is from March. So I am thinking I should check the news section later and download after it is actually announced to be released.

Looks really cool, with the different modes, just hope it has a fair few levels...

+1 vote     reply to
Arethrid May 17 2013, 5:43am said:

Reminds me the dos puzzle games from the 90s. It looks solid good luck.

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