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Survivors of Ragnarök is a city-building-management-survival game inspired by Dwarf Fortress. Manage, create, and survive through dynamic and deadly worlds. Losing is a fundamental core aspect of design.

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1 Aarkreinsil

FrenchRiceGames, I am disappoint D:

This game is in development for almost one full year. The last updates added gimmicky nonsense like pumpkin patches and candy, rather than adding to the base of the game itself. Other games in a similar state of development offer much more actual gameplay and potential. (Project Zomboid, Towns, heck even Kenshi)

Reading the update logs makes me feel like the developers don't even care about the game. I mean sure they pump in tons of self-made pixel art of things not really in the game and unrelated videos, but the updates didn't change the gameplay in any way for me.

All I can do is dig around for unusable minerals, move my dwarfs around the map by awkwardly evening the impassable landscape and wait for them to die by the hand of goblins or by starving. Since the option to save the game has yet to come, there isn't much point in building anything elaborate either, IF it were possible.

Better check it out for free and wait for the gold release, if you ever live long enough to see it.

Edit 3/2012:
It looks like there's actually being some critical content in development now. Let's see how that works out for the game in the long run.

Edit 12/2013 (Yeah, really)
Playable? Perhaps. I mean it runs on my computer. Barely.
No official articles or updates for over half a year, I don't see any real content being added at all, and even the useless gimmick updates like jack-o-lanterns for halloween have subsided. This is several years old, one of the very first Desura alphafunding games and still in a pre-alpha Tech Demo stage. Go figure.

trulyuncouth says
5 trulyuncouth

Shows promise, but in current state is very buggy. My little guys stop moving after just a few minutes and will not respond to any commands. I understand this is still early alpha and will happily update my review once it gets going a bit smoother. Still happy I paid for the game, just wanted to offset so many of these idiots posting 10/10 reviews.

McGlu says
1 McGlu

From a quick and uninformed session, I see some real potential. But lots of control elements are either not obvious or just broken. I've had workers just completely stop what they are doing and refuse to do anything else. I've seen workers phase in and out of solid terrain.

Given this is a pre-alpha, I would assume that is to be expected. I look forward to raising this score as the project continues.

Also, not sure what all these 10s are about. This game is clearly not a 10. Maybe one day, but nowhere near it at the moment.

UPDATE: A few months have passed. New game updates released, and I still see nothing new. Same broken game. Pixel art is nice, but that's about the only good thing I can think of. When is this going to be an actual game?

UPDATE UPDATE: Little to no progress since this "game" was made available for funding. Waste of my money. Was hoping to support an indie develper in creating what appeared to be something special. Turned out to be smoke and mirrors. No game here, move along. Good luck devs.

mhughson says
1 mhughson

How do you even review this? There is nothing there...?

CanadianWolverine says
3 CanadianWolverine

Jan 24th, 2012 13 people agree 2 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

I am reviewing this day Jun 19, SOR VERSION: 19.1 from Jun 17 2012
Let's start with the good points:
- Fun pixel art
- Animations that are mostly well done
- Music and sounds are average and repetitive
- Rain and water presents a fun challenge

And that's it. I can't recommend this to friends ATM, the updates are not showing enough actionable progress IMHO but they are improving. The preview vids are old versions. The artwork from update news is not in game

As a game it is lacking. The UI while it has recently improved with the stockpiles has little clarity of definition of symbols, its unforgiving guess work. The gameplay is sparse and bugs have been fixed recently. The kinds of goals possible have not been found by me to not be even shallow let alone full of possible outcomes (exploration, economic, militaristic, artistic, etc). There is minimal feedback and soon the game ends in one day of survival.

The 3 dwarves have names and stats now but that interface is still a bit unclear as to what the options do that are available to click. What it shows though is potential as a possible spring board to future builds where this makes for specialized dwarves perhaps but at the moment there seems to be little diff between the dwarves with changed and blank options

A few tips of what I have found: WASD to move the camera around the map. Press Tab to see numbers the game is crunching. Right click things to either harvest gather or fight. Left click to place object you have selected from the bottom or dig ground, careful no undo. Dwarves stop working sometimes, could be pathing, could be food/drink levels. When they lift arms probably leveling up stats. No direct control, which dwarf does which command is not up to you and the options have no noticeable impact. I have not found any recipes yet. Creatures appear rather randomly on surface, can be fought/killed for items that can be gathered. You must place water and food or die then the game ends

My play goes on with new v

MasterCoxy says
1 MasterCoxy

I really like the art style and all, so I hope that does not change. However the lack of content is really... Empty, I understand this is a pre-Alpha release, and I do not regret throwing down some cash for this game's continued developement. I would love to see the finished product, however as it stands I would not really recommend my friends "play" the pre-Alpha. In raiders my guy can run back and forth. And wall jump. But, in Survivors, I can get him to eat bacon. Thats about it. Well, I really would like to see the finished product! So heres to that!

Well, I don't believe this thing will ever be finished it has been a little over a year since the last update. This is massively disappointing. I really wanted to like this game, but sadly, it looks as if it's life was ended some time ago.

Osli says
1 Osli

I was seduced by the decor, but i regret paid for this game...

TTT-Chris says
2 TTT-Chris

Nice graphics and music but I had absoloutely no idea what I was doing without reading up on it.

I understand it's in alpha but some sort of in-game tutorial or explanation would be a good start for people who want to help you test.

_poe_ says
6 _poe_

Still confusing and awkward, but a lot more polished from the looks of it.

lukeman258 says
3 lukeman258

its just not that fun

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