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"You are noob" they said. "You will never win" they said. There's a kart racing competition named " Nitro Racer XD ". You are allowed to use any weapons. There are two types of kart; Compact and Regular. Compact kart has better handling meanwhile Regular kart has better speed.

There's more than 10 unlockable characters, and 60+ races. Races in 6 different themes (Western, Ice, Spooky, Forest, Apartment, and Internet). With Nitro XD Engine, that can run about 80kmh, can you defeat all 6 tracklords ?


- 30+ tracks with at least 3 kilometers length.
- 20+ Playable Characters with different power ups.
- 7 Different Themes with 6 bonus themes.
- Physics based kart.
- 8 Stages of Difficulty on Arcade Mode
- Upgradeable engine in career mode.
- Tweakable tires
- 7 Different Modes

You can try the demo version too. Demo version only have 10 playable tracks, 8 playable characters, and NO UPDATES

  • Secret character in Nitro Racer XD
  • Nitro Racer XD DirectX 10 Preview
  • Nitro Racer XD DirectX 10 Preview
  • Nitro Racer XD DirectX 10 Preview
  • Nitro Racer XD DirectX 10 Preview
  • Nitro Racer XD DirectX 10 Preview
  • Inside of Nitro Racer XD Kart



Merry Christmas everybody! Nitro Racer XD has an offer for you all. 50% off from today till January 4, 2014!

Dec 24, 2013 News
Nitro Racer XD V1.28B Available Now!


Nitro Racer XD V1.28B Available Now!

Update comes with a lot of fixes and more activities. Now you can Fight a Zombie, Collect crystal as much as you can, Find a gift, Drift Mode, and Summon bosses. Of course, Multiplayer mode too...

Nov 11, 2013 News
Nitro Racer XD Halloween Sale 5 Days left


Nitro Racer XD Halloween Sale 5 Days left

Come on grab your copy of Nitro Racer XD today ! You'll got an amazing offer till 4 November 2013! 5 days left !

Oct 30, 2013 News
Nitro Racer XD V1.2A Available Now!


Nitro Racer XD V1.2A Available Now!

Nitro Racer XD V1.2A Available now on Desura! Now you can join Drift Mode event, drift at night with few person. PLUS! Lumos Powered Game Center.

Oct 16, 2013 News
Nitro Racer XD V1.1D Available now


Nitro Racer XD V1.1D Available now

This fix will fixes all your problems both on comments, and reviews. This updates also contains a lot of fixes. Anyway, It's all better now.

Sep 10, 2013 News
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TNTCENTURION May 22 2014, 10:11pm said:

Just in case you may ask...

Q : Umm... What sale is this ?
A : It's 1 year anniversary that I quit making games. Thanks to negatronnn and all my friend for stopping me making games...

+1 vote     reply to
TNTCENTURION Mar 29 2014, 10:07am said:

If you want to play this game with Better Graphic, use ENB Series. This game are compatible with ENB Series.

Download here : Enbdev.com

Highest ENB Setting on Intel Core i3 @ 3.10GHz with Fantastic settings @ 60FPS.

So, you can shut up / stop complaining with such poor graphic. Give me Unity5 pro if you want Epic graphic!

+1 vote     reply to
Backdraft_3.5 Nov 23 2013, 7:59pm said:

These Is Nitro Racer XD 2 's Game Names If You Change Game's Name?

Here Is Example Game Name!
Nitro Racer XD 2
Nitro Racer XD Pro
Nitro Racer XD 2: The Return
Nitro Racer XD 2: Vertex's Revenge

+1 vote     reply to
TNTCENTURION Nov 23 2013, 9:46pm replied:

Yeah sure... I'm still thinking name for Nitro Racer XD 2. Here's the nominations
- Nitro Racer XD 2: Wrath of Banned Players
- Nitro Racer XD 2: Clash of the Catruners
- Nitro Racer XD 2: City of Cats
- Nitro Racer XD 2: Illegal Racers

In Nitro Racer XD 2, after Vertex resigned, all realms controlled by Catruners. Catruners was banned racers because they were very harsh when racing. They drives Tuners car. After all realms controlled by them, some Nitro Racer XD racers jailed, and vanished. Only Capt. Helepolis who evaded from them.

So in first gameplay, you'll always play as Capt. Helepolis (but you'll still be able to create your own racer). All Nitro Racer XD racers were chased by polices and you have to evade from the pursuit.

Story might change according my mood and inspirations.

+1 vote     reply to
Backdraft_3.5 Nov 24 2013, 1:35am replied:

Nitro Racer XD 2's Features These

Removed Polices From Map (Look Like A Need For Speed: Underground 2)
New Sprint Race Mode (Just Point To Point Smiliar To Need For Speed: Underground)
New Characters In Nitro Racer XD 2
Tournament Mode

+1 vote     reply to
TNTCENTURION Nov 25 2013, 3:07am replied:

It'll be like this
- Amount of Police controlled by Zone Heat.
- More Story Mode Races (Circuit Race, Sprint Race, Speedcam Race, and Drift)
- A challenge mode both in Story and Arcade. (Pursuit chase, and many more)
Well, it'll be like a night racer. But however, there will still have many fantasy themed tracks but most of it are city race.

+1 vote     reply to
Backdraft_3.5 Nov 25 2013, 8:15pm replied:

These Is More Features Will Be In Nitro Racer XD 2

These Features From Need For Speed: Underground 2

Add Shop In Map (These Is 4 Shop In Game They Are Body Shop, Car Specialties Shop, Graphics Shop And Performance Shop)

Ability To Add Credits Ingame (Top Right And Credits Can Be Used To Spent Other Things From The Shop)

Add Street X Mode (Smiliar To Circult Race With No Traffic Vehicles)

Removed Damage Bar (Smiliar To Need For Speed: Underground And When Player Hits Something Thats Cannot Damaged By Player)

+1 vote     reply to
TNTCENTURION Nov 23 2013, 1:34am said:

POLL : Next Update request by quintenkock. quintenkock requested to convert Dynamic Menu to Standard Menu. Standard menu will delete all garage assets, and seasonal assets. The menu will be like My android game menu (Background and 2D GUI). What do you think ?

Next on V1.29XD (The last update)
- Photon Interstellar Removed (Incompatibility with Unity 4.3)
- Lumos Removed (Reached quota limit)
- Added Post Process Effect (thanks to theblur)
- Added Blood Effects When Crushing Zombie
- Allow Change Track When Game Is Paused
- Added Loading Bar
- Enhance all materials shader with Customized Rim Shader.

The reason this will be the last update are :
- Will be very busy on Next Game
- Will be very busy on homework
- Incompatibility with Unity 4.3
- Tons of people hated it
- System Overload (this game has used 98% of allowed CORE Gen2. If overload, this game will have a flood of NullReference and probably lagness overload)

V1.29XD will be available on Mid December (18 December). After that, this game will be discontinued.

+1 vote     reply to
Backdraft_3.5 Nov 23 2013, 1:41am replied:

After This Game Will Be Discontinued It Dont Update Anymore If These Is Nitro Racer XD 2?

+1 vote     reply to
TNTCENTURION Nov 23 2013, 4:34am replied:

This game will still have its sequel / Nitro Racer XD 2. Discontinued means, this game will never receive a new updates anymore. Promotion and Marketing still continue, but the Level of Activity will be decreased.

Plus, I won't be mad anymore if Demo players trying to kill me. But please, let me get my first dollar from this project. I can't withdraw my money if the Full players only 11.

+1 vote     reply to
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