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KROMAIA is a six degrees of freedom adventure shooter which takes action, speed, agility and immersion to a new level. Insane enemy patterns and swarms, giant god-like guardians, ancient temples, contraptions and treasures, visual ecstasy... All in a vast and unexplored universe only ruled by physic laws. What if the coin-op machines golden age started today, adding complex maneuverability abilities, encouraging spatial awareness, as well as an A.I. adapting to the way you play? Here is the chance to know.

  • Kromaia on Steam Greenlight
  • Kromaia on Steam Greenlight
  • Kromaia on Steam Greenlight
  • Kromaia on Steam Greenlight
  • Kromaia on Steam Greenlight
  • Kromaia on Steam Greenlight
  • Kromaia on Steam Greenlight
Desura Weekly Release Highlights - Episode 11


Desura Weekly Release Highlights - Episode 11

It's that time and whadda you know, we've got another gaggle of good games hot and ready to go so jump on in and join us for another hearty helping for Desura's weekly release highlights. In this weeks...

Feb 13, 2014 Article
Kromaia reaches Desura


Kromaia reaches Desura

Kromaia, the first game from the independent studio "Kraken Empire", has been just launched on Desura. The game is currently on Alpha but it is already playable. Kromaia is an award-winning six degrees...

Jan 16, 2014 News
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gsilver Feb 9 2014, 2:50pm said:

If I buy the game now here, will you provide a Steam key once available? The trailer looks like something that I'd really like to play, but I prefer to have my games over at Steam whenever possible.

+1 vote     reply to
Antodologo Feb 9 2014, 3:16pm replied:

Yes. And in every platform we can give codes for free. We just want to sell you the game once ;)

We have been greenlit already, you will own it on Steam sooner or later ;)

+1 vote     reply to
Contemplar Feb 9 2014, 12:29am said:

This looks simply gorgeous. I'd buy it outright but I tend to wait for the pure v1 before I purchase, if only to prevent myself from overplaying things and burning out prior to it's true 'release state'. If it plays anything like it looks (vaguely Starfoxian) then I'm sure it'll be a real hit over on steam, too.

+2 votes     reply to
Antodologo Feb 9 2014, 10:34am replied:

If you want to try Kromaia you can take a look at our 3 minute free demo that shouldn't let you overplay or burn out :D ( Krakenempire.com ). I would say that Kromaia is highly replayable, but I completely understand your point of view. Just wait a few months and it will be ready ;)

+1 vote     reply to
dangergerbil Feb 8 2014, 8:19am said:

Video Review: Youtube.com

The best way i can describe this game is a 3d flight sim in a Tron style world, I love it :)

+3 votes     reply to
more-badass Feb 5 2014, 4:42pm said:

Just got Greenlit!

+3 votes     reply to
DBL Feb 5 2014, 9:57pm replied:

Thank you very much for your support guys! ;)

+1 vote     reply to
XYXYX Jan 31 2014, 11:10pm said:

A couple of things before a review...

1) I know the movement is based on fluid dynamics etc which is unusual, but with every enemy so far seems to move quite believably apart from the smallest standard enemy

Those onese seemingly float infront of me regardless of my speed, with out any (or much) visual indication of motion/propelling themselves. It makes it hard to guage the distance of them when theyre infront.

This might be your intention but im just surprised i havent gotten used to it yet

2) Please will there be levels for each craft at certain points levels? Mild visual changes but big changes in the weapons at each stage? Just like the arcade shmups of old. Maybe loosing your armour takes you down a level so i guess theyd count as those 'lives' too

+2 votes     reply to
Antodologo Feb 1 2014, 12:34pm replied:

1) Our movement is not as complex as fluid dynamics (space is a vacuum, not fluids there) but it is completely based on physics. Every object you can see moves applying forces. Your ship moves because the thrusters apply a force in a specific direction and the enemies move applying a force in the desired direction trying to compensate for their current inertia.

Those small enemies have a great difference between their mass and the force they can apply, that is why their behaviour is extremely agile. The idea is that they can chase you closely (as they are dangerous only when they are too close) and force you to face them at some point sooner or later (probably sooner :P).

You still can let them behind using your boost (using it wisely at least) and changing direction abruptly. Try it! ;) Notice that their inertia is the same as yours as they move in the same direction at the same speed, you have to trick them.

Anyway, take into account that balance is not final yet, we plan to make those enemies easier at the beginning of the game and harder at the end. You are playing against what would be, probably, the hard version (although just one attacks you at the same time, there will be several on the future, are you ready?) :D

2) We have projected (almost half done) 4 different levels with 4 different kinds of enemies. Current version shows just a level that is a mixture of different things. The 4 levels will have a different settings, different buildings and different enemies with the opposite weapons of your ship. We should be able to show the different levels and settings in a month or two.

There are a few power ups too (and drones) that you could lose on impact, but that is not decided yet :)

+2 votes     reply to
barbaricspacewhale Jan 27 2014, 4:57pm said:

@XYXYX Thank you! Can't wait to see what you think!

+2 votes     reply to
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