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Elemental World is an urban fantasy community focused evolving MMO that aims to give full freedom to be who you want and earn your fame and fortune. You must learn self reliance and establish your place in the world whether you're a collector, risk taker, villain, or spy. The difference is that you've chosen who you are, how you want to behave and what you want to be.




Just a quick message to inform people the core system is being upgraded currently so over the next few days till mini patch is done the game might be buggy on connecting as it involves upgrading the databases...

Mar 22, 2015 News
Update+Steam Keys


Update+Steam Keys

Hi everyone this is an update on progress so far the last few months have been abit slow due to university exams and dealing with getting steam release ready but the lastest version has been uploaded...

Mar 21, 2015 News
The games been Greenlit :D


The games been Greenlit :D

This is just a quick message to say thanks to everyone for voting after 2 years on green light its finally been accepted

Dec 25, 2014 News
Trailer for our fundraiser starting mid February


Trailer for our fundraiser starting mid February

Hi everyone just a quick post to show the latest trailer for the fundraiser that will start mid February with the goal to hire full time staff meaning fast bug fixes and patches as well as some new equipment...

Oct 24, 2014 News
Update 10th october


Update 10th october

Hi everyone quick update on the progress of the patch work has been slow as over the last few months the core system has been updated alot meaning it needs to be backed up updated then checked with the...

Oct 10, 2014 News
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wiseowlstudios Aug 30 2014, 11:38am said:

The game will be updated soon it has been delayed the past month due to university resits and troubles while upgrading to the new servers etc

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foreverplays Jan 26 2014, 2:13am said:

Tips guys: u guys should put a demo of somesort so payers would even spread the game of yours i havent played it but it looks awesome but the prob is i have no money thats why PUT A DEMO

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wiseowlstudios Jan 26 2014, 11:35pm replied:

A basic demo has been made its shown in the second half of the latest video (link in the news just posted or check the youtube page) it will be uploaded soon

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wiseowlstudios Jan 26 2014, 4:50pm replied:

thanks for the feedback a demo will be made the issue right now is there is little content due to our funds etc so the only possible demo would be a blank level to test out controls (basically the game without the pretty levels)

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Sickuhtrix Jan 21 2014, 3:50pm said:

Nice, Zeranos RPG Kit with a map, quite the work you've done.

This must be the next big MMO!

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Binary-Spiders Jul 20 2014, 1:18pm replied:

Damn straight!

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wurmphlegm Oct 29 2013, 6:33pm said:

I like where this game is going. However..the controls...are they going to change?? Cause i cant hardly do anything with them the way they are now. I have tried all the different options, but its still hardly usable. I would suggest something like along the lines of World of Warcraft mouse movement. They just feel really solid to me. While i play this as of right now, i try and click or move the character with my mouse, and he keeps doing his attack move every few steps. I cant seem to get it to stop.


Great work so far!

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wiseowlstudios Oct 29 2013, 9:53pm replied:

The controls will change but right now there's issues with the pathfinding etc so controls will need to wait abit while the game finds a coder who can fix the pathfinding and controls
I will download world or warcraft and some other mmos so i can get a better feel for mouse movement but the idea would be left click would be a default attack to save people spamming one etc
thanks for the feedback it will try be changed soon as possible (it needs to be changed a little as i want the game more interactive and i might add a blank skill so players can set nothing to mouseclick until a final fix has been sorted)

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alex_johns Oct 23 2013, 1:09pm replied:

so could you compare the combat to dragons dogma? that game has one of my favorite combat systems. I put over 40 hours into the game.

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wiseowlstudios Oct 23 2013, 1:17pm replied:

From the one video i just saw yes that looks like the combat system the game is aiming for only maybe a little more advanced eg if player A uses oil then player B shoots fire it will do bonus damage from the oil etc and also scaled up to be mount combat so jump of your mount onto theres etc (all this would be a bit away until can hire a coder and animator to do it and i am not sure if dragons dogma does this as not played it)

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