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Quantum jump from planck to planck as you hit critical velocity in Boson X, a new rotational runner from Mu & Heyo. Build up speed inside a massive particle accelerator and generate high-energy collisions to discover strange new particles. Use precise timing and fast reflexes to navigate a subatomic world where floors and ceilings don't exist. Will you be fast enough to find the elusive Boson X?

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Freedom Friday - Sep 6


Freedom Friday - Sep 6

OpenArena, One Night 4, ONE DAY for Ched and Boson X deliver a one-two punch of freedom, and it was super effective!

Sep 6, 2013 News
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Xekap Jan 4 2014, 5:33am said:

Problem: When I open the game and hit enter to play it closes. Please can someone help!

+2 votes     reply to
Antifast77 Jan 2 2014, 12:54pm said:

The best game of time!!!

+2 votes     reply to
andrewmanq Nov 21 2013, 10:22pm said:

Boson x got so popular at my school, it got permanently banned. Anyone who had their computer on during class was most likely playing this highly addictive game.

+1 vote     reply to
ThreeSon Nov 17 2013, 2:20am said:

One request: On your next build of the game, can you associate the custom icon from the Boson X Desura installation to the bosonx.exe file in the stand-alone zip download? Right now there's only the generic Windows application icon, which looks ugly.

+1 vote     reply to
sotokudus Nov 8 2013, 9:35am said:

Just too faaast, and too fun-filling free game!
i love this game, please add multiplayer online mode please! :D

+1 vote     reply to
NataliaJ Nov 2 2013, 8:00am said: Online

Wos, so awesome game, and free! :)

+1 vote     reply to
DMinus Oct 6 2013, 11:08am said:

One of the most fun and challenging games on Desura. A lot better than half of the titles on sale, and the generous price makes it EPIC. (seriously, I can't believe this game is free)

+1 vote     reply to
Thixx Sep 23 2013, 2:02pm said:

Hey guys

Thanks for this awesome game!
If you want to know if you need to download it you can see me play it! (I'm REALLY bad at these kind of games, but still had a lot of fun!)

here ye go!: Youtube.com

+1 vote     reply to
Peronaut Sep 20 2013, 12:11pm said:

It was really fun fun running with this guy :D

I made a video about this on youtube: Youtube.com

+1 vote     reply to
B1acky Sep 19 2013, 11:54am said:

Really solid running game. Six levels, leaderboards and simple controls. Soundtrack is good and the game itself is extremely addicting. IMPORTANT: This game does not let you recofigure controls, tho you can use joy2key to map your gamepad. Mix + Gameplay: Youtube.com final stage run: Youtube.com

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