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Released Nov 14, 1999

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The GameMaker: Studio™ family of products caters to entry-level novices and seasoned game development professionals equally, allowing them to create casual and social games for, iOS, Android, desktop and the Web (HTML5) in record time and at a fraction of the cost!

Prep Froth Time Travel 2 is on its way!



Prep Froth Time Travel 2 is on its way!

Wowsers, it sure is going to be cool if I can get PFTT2 published here on Desura!

Oct 24, 2014 News
Porradaria Upgrade on Steam Greenlight


Porradaria Upgrade

Porradaria Upgrade on Steam Greenlight

Porradaria Upgrade is now on Steam Greenlight. Support this game there too!!!

Oct 23, 2014 Porradaria Upgrade
Freedom Friday - Oct 17



Freedom Friday - Oct 17

Annex: Conquer The World, Cubified, UnReal World and Delta Loop make up your freedom burrito!

Oct 17, 2014 News
Presenting our free space shooter: Delta Loop


Delta Loop

Presenting our free space shooter: Delta Loop

Have a quick look at our arcade shooter game, soon to be released on Desura for FREE!

Oct 16, 2014 Delta Loop
Android Version and Map Editor


Hero Keeper

Android Version and Map Editor

A android version of Hero Keeper as well as the map editor are now available to download on Desura for those who purchased the game. Maps made with the editor can be played on all platforms.

Oct 15, 2014 Hero Keeper
Comments  (0 - 10 of 72)
azhagan Oct 16 2014, 8:23am said:

how to download

+1 vote     reply to
trilobite23 May 21 2014, 5:35pm said:

so every time i start it crashs o.O can anyone help ( i have windows 7)

+1 vote     reply to
lugi123live Mar 20 2014, 11:44pm said:

Those screenshots are not from Studio.

+1 vote     reply to
Gamezdude Dec 17 2013, 4:01pm said:

This is the most limiting Engine I have seen to date, it will only allow you to have 20 or less resources for each type of asset (You can only have 20 sprites, 5 rooms & 10 scripts)


I would strongly discourage anyone who would want to use this for RPGs unless your willing to pay £30

0 votes     reply to
Gamezdude Sep 23 2014, 5:17am replied:

Ok I need to clear this up.

To put it bluntly, you are stating the obvious. I stated what you get in the current version, (At the time) and then stated..."...unless your willing to pay £30" which then implies its a free/trial version and the full version needs to be paid for.

My view still stands for anyone wanting to make a FULL game without spending a penny during development

+1 vote     reply to
Rex204M Sep 17 2014, 8:08pm replied:

bc that's the non-paid version. aka the free trial lol

+1 vote     reply to
lugi123live Apr 20 2014, 10:31am replied:

your talking about the free version. The $50 version is amazing. (or 30 euros(dont have the symbol on my pc...))

+1 vote     reply to
Dahamonnah Jan 25 2014, 2:15pm replied:

What you're describing isn't the engine. It's the demo of the engine, a free version to try it out before you buy the whole product and make more complicated games. If you think that the UI is nice and the coding is versatile and game dev flow is great but you're limited to a handful of resources then go buy the whole product (which doesn't have limit on sprite, rooms, or anything else). It's pretty cheap for what it's capable of.

+3 votes     reply to
danny_dman Nov 22 2013, 1:37am said:

GM Studio is very versatile and a good engine to work with

+4 votes     reply to
Twillza Sep 5 2013, 7:10am said:

One of the best engines out there for fun and educational purposes. I love it!

+2 votes     reply to
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