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Jan 7, 2009
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Blog RSS Desura Weekly Release Highlights - Episode 21

1 comment by Henley on Apr 22nd, 2014

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The clock hit talk, so let's gather and gawk at the marvelous assortment of games on offer this week through the Desura service. If verity is the spice of life, then my guess is life's brisket is probably going to taste kinda funny, but nevertheless this is Desura's Weekly Release Highlights. Welcome aboard and lets get moving.

0.16 Windforge
0.43 Motte Island
1.06 Dimensia
1.31 Unhack
2.00 Project Temporality
2.30 FarSky
2.57 Crystal Story 2

Desura is a community-driven digital distribution service that puts the best games, mods and downloadable content from developers at gamers' fingertips, ready to buy and play. Desura.com

Freedom Friday - Apr 18

5 comments by Henley on Apr 18th, 2014

Super Friday meet Freedom! The only duo you will ever need, delivering to you the best that free games has to offer!

The first game on offer is Cell for WindowsCell is a game essentially based on the gravity force. You need to find a correct power and angular value which throw a lonely cell in an organic environment. You must touch the target to try the next level. You can use different algorithms to increase your score. Game two is The Mask Reveals Disgusting Face for WindowsThe Mask Reveals Disgusting Face is a short horror adventure with graphics inspired by pixel-horror games. The concept is based around simulation of depression. You are a depressed person named Gary, who decided to spend some time in empty house outside the town. Bad idea. Some strange force locked you up here. Weird things started happening in the house, driving you crazy. The mask will soon reveal it's face... Will you survive the nightmare?

The third game is Face It for Windows. FACE IT is a short tale about fear, pain and depression, but also hope and love. In a world fill with darkness and shadows you must endure three trials: - The trial of FEAR: keep your inner fears away from you; - The trial of PAIN: avoid deceiving spikes and dangerous perils; - The trial of DEPRESSION: find your way in a dark descending maze. The last game featured this Friday is Daydreamer for Windows. Daydreamer is an adventure RPG game about a teenager who finds himself victim of nightmares and bad dreams quite often! The day of the annual carnival in the town, he meets a childhood friend who is now a professional archeologist. She drags him into an abandoned cave and asks him to help her with her latest archaeological research on the place. Then the adventure unfolds and he finally finds something really unexpected!

Come back next week for more Freedom!

Freedom Friday - Apr 11

0 comments by Henley on Apr 10th, 2014

Fill up your Friday with a fantastic selection of Freedom with Desura’s Freedom Friday on Friday!

The first quarter for your Friday fill-up is Hide-n-Seek Winter for Windows, Mac and Linux. After playing a game of hide and seek, little sister Frosty compliments her big brother Choco by telling him that he is the greatest hide and seek player ever. After saying this, the "Hiding Demon" suddenly appears and refuses to believe that Choco is the greatest hide and seek player ever. The hiding demon then kidnaps Choco's little sister and disappears. Defeat the hiding demon in a game of hide and seek. The half serving of Freedom today is Project Adventure Game for Windows. Project Adventure Game is a metroidvania indie game. This game has been inspired by some 8-bit and 16-bit classics such as The Maze of Galious, Castlevania and the like. Enter in the depths of a cave divided in several zones to unveil its hidden secrets and succeed in all its challenges in order to finally reach the final battle. 15 zones to explore find 12 items and skills (run, swim, double jump, push blocks and more ...) 5 sub weapons. find 12 collectibles. 5 bosses. 1 mini game and puzzles to solve. Awesome OST with 18 songs. Find secret rooms to expand you ammo or hearts.

The first third of your Friday this week is Amodo for Windows. Amodo is a cute indie 2D platformer about friendship, teamwork, jumping and bouncing. Direct the characters through levels by capitalizing on their individual strengths, and by working off of their weaknesses in order to get to the end of each level. The game is about Ji, a little square head walking.. thing. Ji isn't able to jump as high as everybody else but he's got a heart of gold and he loves helping people. The last quarter this Friday is It's Dark for Windows, Mac and Linux. You are in the woods by yourself. Your torch and camp fire are your only sources of light. Will the fire run out of fuel? Will your torch's batteries hold out? Is there something else in the woods with you? You need to make it back to your ute but can you find it? Everything except for the map is random so each play-through will be fresh.

Come back next week for another serving of Freedom!

Freedom Friday - Apr 04

0 comments by Henley on Apr 3rd, 2014

Another Freedom? Why not line up some Friday to boot? Or is it the other way around? Either way Freedom Friday is once again happening on Friday (this Friday in fact), so prepare your Freedom faces for a blast!

First blast to the Freedom fast is Extreme Treadmill Survival for WindowsExtreme Treadmill Survival is a survival platform game where your character is assigned a random outfit but he's always nude. You have been kidnapped, stripped down, and put on the world's most extremest and dangerous treadmill. Death is inevitable but see how long you can last before the demons, spikes, or bombs kill you! The followup blast is Potion Of Nag for WindowsPotion Of Nag is a fantasy mining game about a Wizard who has been nagged by his beautiful Hag for years. He decides to set out on a quest to collect ingredients for a potion that will cure his Hag of her Nag. You play the role of the Wizard using his magical powers of Missile, Fireball, and Light to mine through the Mountain Steep. You are searching for three ingredients: Jelly, Beans and Leaves. Gather all of the ingredients to brew a potion so wonderful that it will cure the Wizards Hag of her Nag.

The third blasting of blasts is THE DISHWASHER for Windows. A very violent and comedic point and click game, featuring an angry Dishwasher. Not much more to say about this one! The very final blast this week is Rainbow Bombs for Windows. There's a philosophical yet mad bomber on the loose and he's killed all the bomb squad. He sends the police his calling card after every "Rainbow Bomb" has claimed another victim and it always reads "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are". Nobody has been successful in cracking his puzzling M.O. You're being trained, at a secret location in the desert, to decipher his "Rainbow Bombs" using a prototype Robot developed by the Japanese army. You must complete 12 obstacle courses in the fastest time possible, all while avoiding the mad bombers notorious fake bombs, if you want the job and save thousands from this crazed maniac.

Come back next week for another piping hot blast of Freedom!

Freedom Friday - Mar 28

6 comments by Henley on Mar 28th, 2014

Is your body ready for savings? 100% savings! Since it is you know... friday.

The first game on your Freedom checklist is Nuke-Nin for Windows. You are Fugitive Ninja. Run for your life and try to survive as long as you can. Ninjas are not much for words, as their words tend to be weapons as well, and they already have a lot of weapons. Basically I am just filling in space. The second game ready for X'ing is WizardWizard for Windows and Mac operating systems. You're a Wizard, you can't do magic, but you can jump pretty good! WizardWizard is a challenging and addicting platformer with tight controls, skill testing puzzles and is all complimented by awesomely crafted beats by _TWC! WizardWizard is easy to pick up and play which makes for a fun and social experience at school or on at a lunch break. There are currently 25 levels that are fun and uniquely challenging and all are filled with love and rigorous testing.

The third game happens to be Zombie Hunter Inc for Windows. Zombie Hunter Inc is a top-down shooter with unique mechanics. You play as a zombie hunter for hire and your main goal is to protect your client. Your boss will pay you for each walker you shoot and sell you powerful guns once you get the money. Choose your guns wisely as they, alongside your ability to use them, will play a crucial role in whether you and your client can survive. The main strength of Zombie Hunter Inc is in its unique mechanics. The last game zooming into your Freedom receptacles is Tr-Zero for Windows. High Speed Arcade Racing, as it should be! XGRA/Fzero style racing, Race/Fight against 40 Bikes, Up to 8 Player Network (19 Ai bikes). Custom built Master Server integration for quick online play!

Come back next week to the Freedom you all desire!

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