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Review: Battle for Wesnoth
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kevinatoranator Apr 11 2012, 10:13pm Anchor
kevinatoranator That Guy

Game Play
Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game which is fantasy themed but mods can be downloaded (more info below). It has many campaigns and more can be downloaded or you can create your own. You can also fight it out against up to 8 other players whether with computer players or other players either locally or across a server. It is based around a hex-based grid in which you can move your units around. There are many abilities units can have but the main ones would be it time of day specialty which can really turn the whole game around. Lawful units get an attack bonus during day and lose power at night, chaotic same but reversed, and neutral are unaffected. To get units you must use gold which you acquire by capturing villages.  Also for those of you who do not speak English there are tons of different supported languages.

Has some what of a story-line but definitely not one-story driven. There are many campaigns some may have some relation to one another but others do not. They all take place in the land of Wesnoth though so they are somewhat connected. The campaigns themselves though have a great storyline. Different campaigns have different difficulty levels per campaign ranging from novice to expert. But wait, say you really liked a novice campaign but it was way too easy. You can change the difficulty to a level of your liking. There are also some co-op campaigns out there.

Graphics and Music
I think the graphics compliment the game very well. The gameplay is more what the game is besides the graphics. Remember kids, graphics do not make the game but the right style can greatly improve it. The music is fantastic, it really gets you into the game and there are many different soundtracks. Its so good I would AFK this game just to listen to it.


This game has a huge re-playability value that you can almost never play the same battle twice. You can make your enemies or allies different "races" and create an endless possibility of maps with the random map selection or play one of the premade ones. And if that wasn't enough there is a vast selection of user created mods that you can chose from to create a complete new experience from a space battle to tons of new units and maps the possibilities are endless.

Besides all the endless mods and maps to chose from there is also a built-in map and campaign creator for you to use and share your creations. Also even with all this already in the game the creators are still adding new updates. If your a bit adventurous you can take a whack at your own mods. And if your a gung-ho full blown adventurer you can fiddle around with the source code.


This game is fantastic for an open-source project. Its also compatible with many operating systems so if you can go on the internet and are reading this you can most likely play this game. And best of all its FREE. I would give this a 91.3/100.



Platform 9, it's real

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