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Paranautical Activity combines the classic FPS action of games like Doom and Quake, with the randomness and difficulty of modern roguelikes like Binding of Isaac and Spelunky.

It's available now on Desura for $9.99.

Visit our webstite at CodeAvarice.com to stay up to date on upcoming patches, and the latest developments.

Paranautical Activity UPDATE Spelunky ghosts and spinning men with fishes


Paranautical Activity UPDATE Spelunky ghosts and spinning men with fishes

The final content patch is upon us! A ghost that shows up if you take too long on a floor, gambling machines, and of course more weapons, items, characters, bosses, and more!

Sep 27, 2014 News
Paranautical Activity UPDATED! Giant neon snails, cannons, and more!


Paranautical Activity UPDATED! Giant neon snails, cannons, and more!

This update changes the game more than we ever thought possible. It really is like a whole new game.

May 26, 2014 News
Desura's 7 Days of Horror Sale - Day Six


Desura's 7 Days of Horror Sale - Day Six

Today's title in the 7 Days of Horror is Paranautical Activity - an eerie underwater adventure for a deep sea price of only $2.49. That's 75% off!

Nov 1, 2013 News
Jump Scare Contest!


Jump Scare Contest!

Submit your video entry to the Desura Halloween Jump Scare Contest for a chance to win some frighteningly cool games!

Oct 2, 2013 News
Support Paranautical Activity on Kickstarter


Support Paranautical Activity on Kickstarter

Help make Paranautical Activity the best game it can be!

Aug 4, 2013 News
Comments  (0 - 10 of 456)
killerflames1 Oct 19 2014, 12:22pm said: Online

why isnt the 1.9.1 out for desura but is in steam i need a steam key or you need to update

+1 vote     reply to
killerflames1 Oct 17 2014, 4:33pm said: Online

I purchased paraunatical a while ago and still never got my steam key

+1 vote     reply to
KDR_11k 2hours 43mins ago replied:

I still haven't found out where the proper link to this is but if you add /keys to the URL of a game's profile it'll show the additional keys you have for it.

E.g. for this game: Desura.com

+1 vote     reply to
matteom5 Oct 14 2014, 9:01am said:

Hello, I've received Paranautical on Deusra, but I didn't get Steam key. Would you give me that?

+1 vote     reply to
Avalag Sep 30 2014, 1:33pm said:

I haven't got the 1.9 update yet, am I just stupid or didn't the update come out yet?

+1 vote     reply to
Avalag Oct 1 2014, 10:01am replied:

I got it now, so nevermind :D

+1 vote     reply to
GonzoKillar Aug 11 2014, 7:11am said:

Can I have a Steam Key please, I purchased it here on Desura, but I want it in my Steam Library.

+2 votes     reply to
VeritasQuo Aug 10 2014, 2:26pm replied:

So in-game the pentacle means christianity, the swastika means good luck, and the skull and crossbones means... happiness? xD

There was intention, even if implied.

0 votes     reply to
Sinsults Aug 14 2014, 7:00am replied:

What if the intention was to imply the pentagrams were locking evil inside the rooms and the skull and crossbones are a warning?
You're getting off topic though, since we're talking about the implied meaning of the symbols themselves that you think MIGHT be offensive. I do admit, they could be offensive to the uneducated, but you can't please everyone.
Either way, the imagery is set to something you're trying to defeat, both the pentagrams and the swastikas. It's like those Jesus freaks that got all up in arms over Doom having demons in it when you're the one killing the demons.
It's like being offended by a WWII game because there are Nazis in it.
My original point though, was you put the pentagram under cons while stating it's a moral PREFERENCE, then explain the neutral section as being based on PREFERENCE. Basically, you're being biased in your review based on ignorant beliefs.

+2 votes     reply to
VeritasQuo Aug 14 2014, 10:58am replied:

Brother, you are seriously being far too aggressive, calling me uneducated and stuff.

We all know what they mean to our current culture. When you see it in Doom on the teleporters, or on the skulls, it doesn't mean Christianity, it doesn't mean a ward, it means demons. Demons that run free on Mars and shoot things. I'm not saying John Romero was an expert on demonism, satanism, symbolism, etc. What I AM saying is that he demonstrates an excellent example of how they are most commonly used.
When you see it on a metal band logo, no one says, "Oh hey, they must be Christian", or "They must represent humanity", or "They must be trying to ward off something evil."
Granted, the symbols on the doors serve as a lovely early warning system, but if the pentagrams were designed to lock the monster in, as you say, should the skull and crossbones as well as the swastika not serve the same purpose? We both know swastikas don't keep people locked behind doors.

I admit, there is reading up I have to do. Regardless, you are completely bypassing the implied nature of a symbol designed to mean something that you (for some reason) seem to have a complete objection toward. What are you fighting for, bro?

So to answer your question in full: get over it. No biggie. You're getting all worked up over my IGNORANT RELIGION.

0 votes     reply to
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