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If you ever played paper RPG Death Maze, Citadel of Blood or Labirynt Śmierci then you already know this game. DG is a tribute to this RPG (three names but game the same). In Dark Gates you lead your team of 6 heroes into dungeon where they will fight their way through in order to destroy Dark Gates and evil mage who is the master of the dungeon. Main feature of the game is dungeon itself. This is no predefined layout and every time you play, map is always different. Dungeon creates itself as you play. In your quest you will find monsters, magical items, trap, puzzles and treasures. Glory awaits one who destroys Dark Gates and evil mage.

With every purchase you will get a Dark Gates comic book with story about why some heroes ventured into the Labyrinth. This is a FREE BONUS for supporters.

Release 0.9


Release 0.9

New player selection menu, original Dark Gates music and How to Play section for newcomers.

Aug 26, 2014 News
Comic book released


Comic book released

Free for anyone if you got Dark Gates in your Desura Library

Jun 27, 2014 News
Release 0.8.0


Release 0.8.0

Weapon animations, menu revamp, new weapon and more

Jun 10, 2014 News
Comic book


Comic book

Something extra for alpha supporters. Comic book for everyone who alphafunded Dark Gates as a bonus.

May 16, 2014 News
Release 0.7.0 is out


Release 0.7.0 is out

New art, monster skills, balance adjustment, redone fight UI and more

Apr 11, 2014 News
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all_zebest Nov 25 2014, 7:27am said:

Could we have some fresh news, please?

+1 vote     reply to
Braqoon Nov 29 2014, 7:19pm replied:

Uh uh, Sorry :) Yes, rc1 is ready. Just want to make sure that I'm not have any obvious bugs. Testing and then release.

+3 votes     reply to
ArgentStar Aug 26 2014, 7:53pm said: Online

I'm not going to rate this game yet as I think it'd be a bit harsh as it's not yet fully realised. As it stands, there really isn't much replay value. So it'd be great if there was some way to prolong each game or (preferrably) something that carries across from forray to forray. :)

Perhaps a little re-balancing is needed as well, as some of the characters seem hugely over-powered, whilst others practically useless. I've just just completed my first ever game (on Normal difficulty) in under 30 minutes. Out of my original party of six, four only levelled up once, one levelled up twice and one didn't even reach 20xp. :(

This is potentially a really nice game. It's got a great boardgame feel and the gamepad support is a real plus. So I don't want this to sound like I'm slagging it off, but at the moment it feels like it's only ~60-70% finished. However, the regular development updates are a refreshing change. Definitely keep up the good work. :)

I've spent well over £100 (~US$160) on games that've remained in perpetual beta (or even alpha) and this latest trend toward Alpha/Beta-funding (an off-shoot of the hideous DLC culture) has unfortunately meant quick money for tons of lazy developers who'll never deliver on their promises. And the distinction between console and PC becoming ever more blurred has meant countless examples of sub-standard software being released on the understanding that they can always patch it up to standard later. NO! *slap* THAT'S A _BAD_ MR. KITTY... I mean, BAD developer... slap, slap, etc.

+2 votes     reply to
Braqoon Aug 27 2014, 1:56pm replied:

Thanks for your feedback. You have been lucky if you managed to complete the game in 30 min, congrats. Game is randomly generated so sometimes is short but on other occasions it takes much much longer. There is a plan in version 1.0 to add an persistent stats after you complete the game so you can (if you want) to develop stats further. Yes, game still needs some balance and potentially more variety in weapons and magic but as I'm the only person who works on this game I need to roll out stuff in stages.

As for perpetual beta is actually on it's final release :) there will be also a demo (finally) which even more will give an insight on what to expect from my game and direct in more educated purchase. Game is correctly advertised as alphafund so you know what you are getting.

Did you checked the comic book as well (funded by the money form purchases of the game)?

+1 vote     reply to
all_zebest Jun 22 2014, 2:09am said:

Great new version! My character seems to miss less and I am delighted to play with him now. Thanks!

+2 votes     reply to
Braqoon Jun 22 2014, 8:00pm replied:

Happy to hear :)

+1 vote     reply to
Braqoon Jun 6 2014, 10:07am said:

Hi All, New release is almost ready. I should finish today and hopefully will be released promptly next week.

+1 vote     reply to
Braqoon Jun 10 2014, 9:45am replied:

Release is already waiting for auth. since Saturday. Hopefully not long now till release on Desura.
Info about new release : Dfourgames.com

+1 vote     reply to
Braqoon May 12 2014, 6:31pm said:

Just found a bug. If your team has Theregond ,Curvenol or Zareth - game will break if you allow monster to attack. Bug has been fixed and other heroes are not affected. It will be rolled out with new release. Apologies for inconvenience.

+1 vote     reply to
Braqoon May 12 2014, 8:11am replied:

Thanks for feedback, check your inbox on Desura.

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