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"Time Stops, it's the world of silence."
Constant C is a puzzle based 2D platformer. You play as a rescue robot in a space station where the time has stopped, and fight against this fatal crisis with your courage and intelligence.

● Time Circle
All objects are static in this world, and your Time Circle is the only way to make them move on. Use your smarts to turn obstacles into stepping stones!

● Gravity Shifting
This advanced skill will not only let you dodge deadly traps, but also perform many spectacular actions! Turbo jump, manipulate inertia and even super cool ninja dive!

--Puzzle games involving real physics.
--Epic story with intriguing developments.
--Over 100 original-designed stages.
--Mind blowing puzzles. **Warning! May cause brain damage**
--Stunning 2D graphics with dark and mysterious atmosphere.

Enjoy your adventure.
You are THE ONE!

Xbox 360 Controller supported.

Special sell for Constant C on IndieGameStand


Special sell for Constant C on IndieGameStand

Time-limited special sell for Constant C on indiegamestand, check it out!

Jul 1, 2013 News
Free Demo version of Constant C Released!


Free Demo version of Constant C Released!

We've updated the demo version for Constant C, check our site and have it now! Constant C is a puzzle based 2D platformer game with exciting brand new game mechanism of "Gravity Shifting" and "Time Circle...

May 13, 2013 News
Japanese and Soundtrack for Constant C


Japanese and Soundtrack for Constant C

We happy to announce that Constant C now can speak Japanese! We are working as hard as we could to provide every possible language translation for the game! Keep an eye on us! We will soon speaking your...

Apr 25, 2013 News
Constant C Updated


Constant C Updated

The Time Format bug is been fixed. Constant C is back to action

Apr 17, 2013 News
Constant C Released on Desura


Constant C Released on Desura

Constant C now released on Desura! Go grab it now and support us on Steam Greenlight!

Apr 16, 2013 News
Comments  (0 - 10 of 53)
NandoSuperHero Mar 6 2014, 5:47pm said:

Making a walkthrough! : Youtube.com
Awesome Game!

+1 vote     reply to
psyedk Oct 28 2013, 8:19am said:

bought this months ago but only just got around to playing it. wow! awesome game :) really enjoy platform puzzlers like this, especially when they involve more clever thinking than pixel-perfect jumping

+1 vote     reply to
Zeburdee Sep 4 2013, 11:58am said:

Love the game, but spoiled a little for me with the XNA framerate issue (similar to games like Bastion) where the refresh rate gets locked to 58/59 or below instead of 60, resulting (for some of us at least) in 'judder' every second or so (and my skills are already handicapped in games like these! ;) )

Any chance of a quick-and-dirty optional XNA fix like the Bastion guys (and a few other XNA devs) have ended up doing? e.g:

> Forums.steampowered.com

["You may now try adding: -nofixedstep
Using this option, the game will no longer dictate the frame-rate by itself. If Vsync is left on, the refresh rate of your monitor will determine the frame-rate. If this is 60hz, this may cause the game to run exactly as desired."]

(PS - wishing you great success on Steam)

+2 votes     reply to
b0ngw4t3r Aug 28 2013, 11:17am said:

Woohoo! Constant C is in the August 28th batch of Steam Greenlit titles! <3 :D

+3 votes     reply to
trunks10k Aug 26 2013, 11:00pm said:

how come I can't change the language in game? I installed it and its showing japanese characters?

+1 vote     reply to
b0ngw4t3r Aug 28 2013, 12:54pm replied:

This happened to me too on accident and it scared me for a minute lol.

Just pause the game and the language options are at the bottom of the screen underneath 'Quit Game'

+1 vote     reply to
kalirion Jun 5 2013, 3:42pm said:

Been playing it from groupees bundle, good and very polished gameplay, and actually runs relatively smoothly on my weak laptop at 1024x768. Only exception so far is the level where the Big ball appears for the first time - for some reason, framerate took a large dive there.

+3 votes     reply to
kalirion Jun 22 2013, 2:51am replied:

Just finished it - one of the very best puzzle-platformers I've ever played (and these days it seems every other indie game is a puzzle platformer.)

It did have some stability issues - plenty of crashes to desktop but all of them were from the level selection screen (except a couple after alt-tabbing) so no progress was ever lost due to the auto-save at the end of every level / storage device.

One question though how do you get the very last storage device? That's the only one that I proved too dumb to retrieve. I hope I didn't miss a better ending because of it...

By the way, an idea for a "Hard" difficulty would be to require that in order for a storage device retrieval to count, the player must get safely to the exit door after retrieving the device (similar to Super Meat Boy and bandaids.) I'm assuming this is possible on all levels, though I'm not quite sure. Now this would be way too hard for me, but I'm sure some players would enjoy the challenge :)

+2 votes     reply to
ConstantC.IGS Jun 25 2013, 10:07pm replied:

We thought about that a lot. and we found that if you need to get storage device "and" get through the door. It will be crazy difficult, annoying and some levels will be out right impossible. We do want to make a Check Point Mode though. redesign some level. and you must pass certain points of that level to beat it.

The last one is crazy hard. you will need to manipulate the momentum of that yellow stick to get it. it needs crazy percise timing

+1 vote     reply to
vmp0514 Jun 4 2013, 7:50pm said:

Hi folks, I just wanted to share this review and play session:




+2 votes     reply to
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