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DeadCore is a Platformer-FPS featuring some environmental puzzles. The main idea of the game is you must climb a gigantic Tower as fast as possible while avoiding to be kicked down by its security system (robots, turrets...): on your way to the top, you will eventually figure out the truth behind this strange universe.

  • Update - July 2014
  • Update - July 2014
  • Update - July 2014
  • Update - July 2014
  • Update - July 2014
  • Update - July 2014
  • Update - July 2014
DeadCore v0.4 released!


DeadCore v0.4 released!

Hi everyone, Here it is, a new version of DeadCore has been released and fixes lots of bugs + features new menus and 2 more Sparks to unlock in Level 3.

Apr 4, 2014 News
Deadlock changes its name and goes to GDC 2014!


Deadlock changes its name and goes to GDC 2014!

As often we have multiple news to announce today. As said in the title, Deadlock changes its name to DeadCore. Why, you may ask? Just a question of intellectual property rights. There is already a trademarked...

Mar 15, 2014 News
Deadlock Alpha has been released!


Deadlock Alpha has been released!

Finally, the alpha version of Deadlock is now available on Desura with 3/5 levels, the Dash power-up, the speedrun Mode + Leaderboards and some other cool stuff!

Dec 4, 2013 News
New Jumpers!


New Jumpers!

New jumper + color code for World Elements / Ennemies

Nov 30, 2013 News
Deadlock - 1st Anniversary


Deadlock - 1st Anniversary

Monday was a special day for team 5-Bits Games: it has been a year since we launched Deadlock crowdfunding campaign!

Nov 13, 2013 News
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irnbru69 Jul 1 2014, 3:48pm said:

Great game guys, played demo... bought game.

One of my favorite games is warsow, a quake type game that has similar racing features to this, just wondering if your going to add more weapons that have unique abilitys, and will there be any more special skills like the boost, maybe a wall kick ^^?

I really think there is a gap in the market for games like this and warsow (race mode), Parkour is becoming a big sport and people love to simulate that in a game the feeling of exploring a map and completing it in your own way is great. I really hope you can capitalize on this genre of gaming.
The only parkour type game that came close to being amazing was mirrors edge, yes single player was great but multiplayer failed =/ imo

This game will completely evolve if multiplayer support and mod support is allowed, the only thing thats missing is a little bit of strafe jumping ( joke =p, or is it )

Any way enough about the wishful thinking, again thanks good job its pretty well done for an alpha release and the price is great aswell. The only current issues I have with the game is the binding of keys its kinda clunky to change the keys, you should also allow more mouse buttons to be bound like mouse4 and mouse5 but i assume all that will come in time.

PS: ability to crouch and or walk would be great aswell for more precise accurate movements

+2 votes     reply to
5_Bits_Games Jul 2 2014, 9:40pm replied: Online

Hi irnbru69!

And thanks a lot for taking the time to give your feedback : )

Warsow looks awesome and definitely has a very interesting flow. To be honest, we don't really know how wide is the gap for this kind of games in the market, but we surely want to make DeadCore has fun to play as possible.

Speaking of that we are planning to release a serious update within a week and yes sir, there will be some improvements (the settings menu will be fixed later though...) and some new cool stuff in it ^^

And we keep a few other things for the final release so even our first backers will have some interesting things to discover in the end.

Last but not least: as we keep saying to people who ask about multiplayer and mod support, right now we would love to do that and they will be our main regrets about the project... But we can't afford spending more time developing these massive features right now (==> without paying ourselves).

Who knows? Maybe some day when we will be able to do it (like 'Don't Starve' being added multiplayer soon).

But yeah... it would be so cool to have multiplayer modes! What we might have done if we could whould have been to make some kind of strange mix between 'Mirror's Edge' and 'Mario Kart' : D

Again, thanks for your feedback, it is really appreciated and keep us on the right track : )


+1 vote     reply to
CyberWing89 Jun 7 2014, 4:27am said:

Hello, and first of all, thank you for making such a great and fun game.

I would recommend adding a level editor to the game when the game sometime in the future. Why? Well, many games like Amnesia and Warcraft 3 seem to keep players because of their level editors (and yes, there are still a modding community for WC3) and maybe a level editor would also help Deadlock/Deadcore to keep being played longer. We don't need all the finesses and obstacles the real levels has, but some basic elements would be enough (like the blocks, platforms and jump pads), at least to start with.

Also, the Desura mods store and Steam Workshop could already be great places for mod uploading if it's not an in-game function.

What do you think?

+2 votes     reply to
5_Bits_Games Jun 9 2014, 8:19pm replied: Online

Hi CyberWing89,

first of all, thank you very much for your support : )

You are totally right: a level editor would be awesome and wouldn't need to be that much complex to allow players to make cool stuff (like Portal 2 editor). But that's a feature that would require a programmer working on it full time and our only hero-programmer has already lots of things to do right now *__*

That and multiplayer too. We would really want to implement because we are big fans of both features, and it would definitely help the game to be played longer...

So right now we can't say yes: we intend to keep working on the game even after the release to fix/polish some things, add some new ones but... We'll see ^^

Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to give us your feedback, it is really appreciated!


Team 5 Bits Games.

+1 vote     reply to
nekslod May 25 2014, 2:26pm said:

Played the demo yesterday, bought the game today. This is fantastic! Looking forward to future levels :)
I have one question though, how do you unlock tracks ?

+2 votes     reply to
5_Bits_Games May 25 2014, 2:55pm replied: Online


Thank you very much for your support!

We are currently working on a major update that should be released during next week, so expect more levels to come : )

To unlock new levels in SpeedRun Mode you must collect 'Sparks' (small blue energy balls) in Story Mode (either by doing a full run or by launching a single level, always in Story Mode): each Spark unlocks an extra level with dedicated leaderboard so you can beat others players times.

Don't hesitate to send us a mail if you have more feedback!

+1 vote     reply to
nekslod May 25 2014, 4:57pm replied:


Yes, i know about the sparks, but i actually meant 'tracks'. In the story mode, there is a Progress tab, and beneath it, it says : Sparks, Logs and Tracks. I played all the levels but i still got 0 logs and tracks. Are they hidden that well ?

+1 vote     reply to
5_Bits_Games May 25 2014, 6:22pm replied: Online

Oh sorry, actually you're right: Tracks and Logs are not yet implemented in the game but yes they will be hidden collectibles you'll have to seek within the levels (Tracks unlock new music tracks in SpeedRun Mode while Logs will tell the background of the game).

+1 vote     reply to
camerandy May 14 2014, 9:41am said:


I did a little quick look of the demo for this fantastic game, had a really good time with it. Well worth a download.

+2 votes     reply to
5_Bits_Games May 14 2014, 10:04pm replied: Online

Thanks camerandy!

Feel free to send us your feedback, it will be greatly appreciated! (even if the demo is quite old now ^^)

+1 vote     reply to
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