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BOH is a unique retro-flavoured puzzle-riddled dungeon crawler spiced up with thrilling action.

'stay a while' BOH competition


'stay a while' BOH competition

John Scolieri, thanks to his great passion and love for BOH, created a couple of missions that deserved to be included in the final release of BOH. Now, he has launched a nice competition with a nice...

May 18, 2014 News
BOH 5th Anniversary Edition announced


BOH 5th Anniversary Edition announced

This year BOH will turn 5, an event that will be celebrated with a brand-new, special edition that majestically closes the incredible evolution the game underwent since its original release.

Jan 5, 2014 News
Fan-made mission "stay a while" released


Fan-made mission "stay a while" released

The true BOH fan John Scolieri did it again: he created a brand-new mission that will for sure entertain all the gamers that crave for more exploration! Multiple solutions... or no solution at all!

Nov 18, 2013 News
Fan-made mission "3min-33sec" released


Fan-made mission "3min-33sec" released

Time is running out but you can still make it. Be brave! John Scolieri, a great BOH fan, has just created his first mission and is happy of sharing it with all the BOH fans around the world! 3min-33sec...

Nov 20, 2012 News
BOH soundtrack released


BOH soundtrack released

Today, thanks to the warm and positive feedback received, the game soundtrack is brought to everybody, in a deluxe package prepared with the same meticulous care that characterizes BOH throughout.

Jul 16, 2012 News
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Fennrick Mar 13 2012, 6:16pm said:

Are there any fansites out there? Seeing that BOH was pretty much designed with user made levels and themes in mind, i don't understand why there isn't much of a community out there. I would love to download some usermade stuff...
(Don't get me wrong, BOH comes with a lot of content- but it would be nice to see what the fanbase can do with the tools you provide.)

+4 votes     reply to
f1lupo May 17 2014, 12:46am replied:

I'd love to hear what you think of my missions that are included in the latest 5'th Anniversary edition! They are: Stay a while & Trio

Trio is a hectic time attack while Stay a While is more of roaming/ exploring type of mission.

+1 vote     reply to
saimo Mar 14 2012, 1:35pm replied:

You're perfectly right: I designed BOH with user-made content in mind. Unfortunately, few have showed interest in creating content. I think the most impressive input I got was from an Amiga user who created an online level editor (see Amiga.org), although he didn't have the possibility of finishing/updating it.
As for your initial question: as far as I know, there are no fansites - BOH is too much out of this world and hype-less ;)

+5 votes     reply to
Fennrick Mar 10 2012, 9:36am said:

Never heard of this game, there are only one or two videos of it on youtube and even on greater gamingforums like "neogaf", nobody talks about BOH. How come?

I found BOH to be surprisingly fun! Hope you can earn some money on it saimo.

+2 votes     reply to
saimo Mar 11 2012, 10:04am replied:

Hey, Fennrick, thanks for the nice wish!
I'm glad you discovered BOH and that you're enjoying it - and with the upcoming update you'll enjoying it even more (it was planned to be released much earlier, but real life got into the way...)!
If you deem BOH worth to be talked about, feel free to mention it here, on Facebook (BTW: Facebook.com), Twitter, gaming forums, among real friends, wherever you please ;)

+2 votes     reply to
saimo Oct 22 2011, 3:31am said:

There'll be one more update ;)

+2 votes     reply to
Zarius Oct 2 2011, 3:45am said:

Game looks/plays great (for the intended style :D) but really needs a strafe key (got annoyed having to rotate all the time).

+3 votes     reply to
saimo Oct 2 2011, 8:45am replied:

Thanks for the compliments :)
As for strafing, it's missing for a design choice - please refer to the FAQ on the website (http://www.bohthegame.com/faq.html) for a comprehensive explanation.

+2 votes     reply to
kolito Sep 27 2011, 10:54pm said:

I've got a product key of this game (bought trought the website) Can I redeem it here?

+2 votes     reply to
saimo Sep 28 2011, 1:25pm replied:

Sorry, it isn't possible (see my private message for the details).

+2 votes     reply to
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