Zookeeper Caper - Clarence

Zookeeper Caper - Clarence

About game «Zookeeper Caper - Clarence»

Cheerful Clarence with his best friends: Sumo and Jeff got together for a sleigh ride. It is amazing to slide down the hill at great speed, but pulling the sled back up the hill is not so pleasant at all. The three funny boys thought a little and decided to sneak into the zoo and steal the deer. If you harness them to a sleigh, you can ride like Santa Claus. The friends are going to enter the territory of the zoo and open a cage with deer. At this time, the institution is already closed and guards are stationed around the perimeter so that outsiders do not enter where it is not necessary. Help Clarence sneak past the guards in the Zookeeper Caper - Clarence game. Watch where the arrow points near the guard and do not let the hero stand in his field of vision. This is even funnier when you play it, so click the button and enjoy!

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