Zebra Hunter

Zebra Hunter

About game «Zebra Hunter»

We like animals so much, and would never suggest you go on a hunt in real life. However, luckily, in an online hunt, no zebra will be hurt. Hence, we want you to try the online game Zebra Hunter. You have to find this beautiful animal in the sight of your gun, pull the trigger and get a game reward for the next trophy. At the beginning, you have the opportunity to choose the type of weapon you will use. The game consists of several levels, in which you have to hunt a specified number of zebras. Sometimes it will be very easy, because you will see them right in front of you, but sometimes it may be really hard, because it will take some time to find one. But here is a small tip: look at the radar and there will be shown the directions in which you must move in order to find an animal. Good luck!

Watch how to play: