Xmas Rooftop Battles

Xmas Rooftop Battles

About game «Xmas Rooftop Battles»

There is fierce competition between Santa Claus, everyone wants to deliver more gifts. Anything happened, but so that the Klaus took up arms - this is the first time. A couple of bitter rivals climbed onto the roof and are going to find out the attitude, and you will help the one on the left. In celebration of Christmas, the snipers pulled on red hats and Santa Claus jackets to mingle with the crowd of mummers who walk the streets and entertain the crowd. But the shooters have their own tasks and you will soon find out about them when the characters appear on the roof. Pick a mode in Xmas Rooftop Battles and we advise you to start with the hands-on to practice a little. Further there is a mode for two and multiplayer. In online mode, you will have to wait a bit for an opponent to appear. The task is to destroy your opponent, and for this you must shoot accurately and quickly.

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