Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D

About game «Wolfenstein 3D»

Play Wolfenstein 3D online first-person shooting game. You can access Wolfensteind 3D from any device and gadget. We are sure you are familiar with the game, but let us remind you its basic rules. Your task is to help the US soldier – William B. J. Blazkowicz, who belongs to a Special Forces Team. He has Polish origin, but now performs as a spy in the US army. William loathes Nazis. There are lots of obstacles in his way – German soldiers, monsters and dogs, who are constantly trying to kill you if they see you. Some of them even have a good hearing and you have to be careful, when using your gun. Once you get to the finish of the level, you are to fight the main boss, who poses the main difficulty. And of course, you are provided with all the useful gear and guns.

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