Warfare Area

Warfare Area

About game «Warfare Area»

Warfare Area is a brand new adventure for sniper games lovers. This time you were sent on a mission right to the hottest point of the fighting. There is a war going on, fire and destruction everywhere, among which enemy militants are hiding. Each of them is armed to the teeth and has a good body armor. Fortunately, your rifle has a large caliber and is capable of piercing any armor with its projectiles. The whole game is divided into levels, in each of which you need to shoot 15 enemy soldiers, otherwise you will not be able to complete the mission. Turn on the sight and start looking at the battle area to find all your targets. With good aim, make accurate shots to hit enemies with one shot. It is best to aim for the head or body, this way you can earn the most points. Play and try to complete all the levels of this wonderful game. Good luck!

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