Vikings vs Skeletons

Vikings vs Skeletons

About game «Vikings vs Skeletons»

We set off in the footsteps of the brave Scandinavians in the online game Vikings vs Skeletons. Here you will be in the role of Vikings who survive the attack of the zombies. The dead do not yet know that it is more expensive to contact the Vikings. The game genre is a "tower defense". You control a bearded viking on a tower, who is struggling to hold the defense and not give up positions. Whether he succeeds in this depends on your management. In your hands, in the first stages - a sharp dagger, which you drop at the zombies to neutralize those. Just aim in the right direction - and the zombies are gone. The advantage is that the number of such a cold weapon is not limited and you can drop it as much as you like. At each level, the player experiences a different number of waves of attacks from the zombie.

Watch how to play: