Victor & Valentino: Taco Terror

Victor & Valentino: Taco Terror

About game «Victor & Valentino: Taco Terror»

Victor & Valentino: Taco Terror is an interesting game that is perfect for spending your free time. In the center of events there are two heroes who find themselves in an ancient crypt. They decided that it was easy money, but legions of skeletons, who are rapidly approaching their positions, prevent them from taking the treasures. The heroes will have to defend themselves with special weapons, which bounce off walls and other skeletons when they hit them. Help them, and at the same time get incredible pleasure from all this! Your task is to direct the weapon along special trajectories, allowing the ball to attack multiple targets at once. Knowledge in geometry will bring you not only quick disposal of the first rows of skeletons, but also bonus coins that come along with the enemies. Have much fun!

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