US Army Missile Attack

US Army Missile Attack

About game «US Army Missile Attack»

The world of men is filled with things that resonate with sports, cars, gambling and war. These hobbies are reflected in cinema, literature, and shooting games for boys are created for them. Now in the application US Army Missile Attack you will be the officer of the US Army in the role of a lorry driver that transports missile launchers. Your task will be to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and get it out of the garage onto the path. Then you will need to gradually catch up speed to move across the track. A range of barriers will be placed on your path, which will be needed to pass. Having got to the required location, you stop the lorry and launch a rocket. If your aim is precise, then it will touch the proper point, and you will get the maximum possible amount of points for this. Have much fun, dear friends and enjoy this game!

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