Unordinary Week - The PowerPuff Girls

Unordinary Week - The PowerPuff Girls

About game «Unordinary Week - The PowerPuff Girls»

Young super heroines are back in business! Powerpuff girls are waiting for a new super task. This time the mission will drag on not for several hours and not for one day. The crumbs will have to work much longer, or rather seven whole days. In Unordinary Week - The PowerPuff Girls, Powerpuff Girls have to fend off an entire army of robots. There will be a lot of them and of a wide variety of sizes - from small to huge robots. Before entering the battlefield, you need to choose one of the Powerpuff Girls: the cute and romantic Bubble, the smart and sensible Flower, or the fighting and cocky hooligan Pestle. Every super girl has unprecedented powers. Their blow can disable even the most powerful robot. It is because of this that all villains are afraid of them and shun, but sometimes the thirst for power overrides fear. You need to fight robots on the city streets. You must attack in time and put up a shield in time. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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