Unikitty Save the Kingdom

Unikitty Save the Kingdom

About game «Unikitty Save the Kingdom»

Unikitty is a small kingdom that was in danger due to the attack of villains. The inhabitants of the kingdom were warned of the attack, but unfortunately it was too late and therefore they could only hide, taking with them the essentials. But we cannot look at it without regret, especially since something terrible is happening and we urgently need to save the inhabitants. The rescue mission is called Unikitty Save the Kingdom. Alone, you will not cope with a gang of villains, so brave assistants will go with you - Croco Hawk, a strong and brave guard, scientist Dr. Fox, and his two assistants - Unikitty and Pappicorn. Each of your team has its own abilities and skills, which must be used wisely and only when it is really necessary. All of them together will have a difficult path, which will take place in various places, in each of which you will need to save the population and find artifacts that can help in defeating the bandits.

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