Two Punk Racing

Two Punk Racing

About game «Two Punk Racing»

The holidays are in full swing, which means what? This means that you can relax, walk on the street with friends, read your favorite books, visit cinemas and theaters and just relax. Something we did not take into account, what do you think? We don't catch the weather, it's good if it's sunny and clear outside, but if it's raining? It is better in such weather to stay at home inviting friends and play together either board games or a new race with a mode of simultaneous play for two. Let's take a look at the main menu of the game, here you can choose one of two race modes - for one player and for two. In each of the modes, you can choose a car for yourself, by the way there are seven of them. The first two cars are available for the race at once, that is, you do not need to go through several levels and earn credits to buy a new car.

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