Trail Blazer - The PowerPuff Girls

Trail Blazer - The PowerPuff Girls

About game «Trail Blazer - The PowerPuff Girls»

Growth does not determine strength and courage. Look at the little girls: Pistil, Flower and Bubble, who were born in a science laboratory. They do not lend decisiveness and dexterity when it comes to salvation. To get to know the little ones, it is best to play the Powerpuff Girls online games for free. Other persons of the story are also interwoven into the plots of the Powerpuff girls game. You will meet the Mayor of the city, who is so cowardly that he gets lost at a crucial moment. The inhabitants of Townsville do not favor him, and therefore one day he will have to fight off them, calling on the Powerpuff girls for help. Of course, girls will not leave the poor man in trouble, because they protect everyone who is in danger. For the Mayor, the crumbs have apples in store to support the forces while he fires back.

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