Tractor Simulator Drive

Tractor Simulator Drive

About game «Tractor Simulator Drive»

You have probably mastered driving different types of transport. But let's bet you haven't tried to drive a country tractor yet. Even if you sit down, we still invite you to play the game Tractor Simulator Drive. Here you can see from the inside how a real farm lives, how to properly care for land and much more. Even more, you will sit in a tractor and go to cultivate fields. You will face various tasks that you will need to perform. This game is very similar to a puzzle. After all, the unploughed field is divided into many squares. And you need to plan the trajectory of the tractor so that it plowed all the squares, without going into one square twice. Believe me, agriculture is not boring, and in this game we want you to see for yourself! Demonstrate us your excellent planning skills and show your best result!

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