Tower Lockdown - Teen Titans Go!

Tower Lockdown - Teen Titans Go!

About game «Tower Lockdown - Teen Titans Go!»

Lately, cartoons of other countries have received amazing popularity, in which a few teenagers with certain skills save the whole world from the villains. The plot of the virtual applications Teen Titans Ahead resembles the story of the Justice League. When you start playing for free, you will meet a unique team that lives in a world similar to ours. The Superman from the game "Teen Titans Go! Closed Tower" was in the locked tower. This tower is a real maze, where numerous puzzles await you. You will go through the levels from simple to difficult, at each you need to find the key first. After which the door will open, to which you will still need to reach. You can walk both on the floor and on the walls and on the ceiling, which will expand your thinking and you will find extraordinary solutions for passing one or another level. Vigilance will help you avoid falling into traps.

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