Tower Defense Alien War

Tower Defense Alien War

About game «Tower Defense Alien War»

Tower Defense Alien War is a story about how a person was able to adapt in Space and what he is ready for for life. History says that several centuries ago, part of the Earth's population mastered another planet in the Universe. She went there and founded a fortress there. The inhabitants collected minerals and hunted. But one fine day, the foot of alien robots set foot on the ground. They flew in to raze the beautiful fortress to the ground. The player must protect his people by shooting blasters at intruders. The frenzy of the aliens with bots is progressing, and no one but you can stop them! Collect money and buy overhauls as you fight to protect the city dividers in this action game. Use your mouse to use unusual features. Tower Defense Alien War is awesome and free to play. Have much fun!

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