Tom and Jerry: Dont Make A Mess

Tom and Jerry: Dont Make A Mess

About game «Tom and Jerry: Dont Make A Mess»

We invite you to remember your sweet childhood and the good old cartoons that we loved so much. And no, you don't have to search for movie websites to watch them! We offer to play games with the characters of these cartoons. Namely, we invite you to play Tom and Jerry: Dont Make A Mess. Tom's nanny is very cleanly and hates any mess. But the restless Jerry is always looking for adventure on his own and likes to annoy poor Tom by scattering food in the kitchen. And today the little naughty mouse is going to get out on the refrigerator and free it from all the products that lie there. Tom noticed this in time and now he is trying to save the food by catching it on a plate and carefully stacking it on the table. Your task is to help the cat and prevent food from getting on the floor. Make every effort to avoid clutter in the kitchen!

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