Titanic Heartbreak - Teen Titans Go!

Titanic Heartbreak - Teen Titans Go!

About game «Titanic Heartbreak - Teen Titans Go!»

Love is a powerful feeling that is no stranger to superheroes. In Teen Titans: Broken Hearts, you'll see Robin succumb to this feeling by falling in love with a foreign princess. Now, so that this feeling does not leave the heart of the young man for a long time, his team will help in this in any way. One of them is to make sure that hearts don't fall and break on the ground. So let's do the rescue operation. You can play with any character of the superhero team: Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, Beastboy, Raven - choose one or play in turns. Your mission is to save your heart from falling through the air. Your hero will be on a platform where hearts are floating in the air. Jump up to them or use your power to freeze your heart and thus prevent falling. Frozen hearts will evaporate from the screen, and when there are no hearts left at all, you will move to a new level.

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