Thor Boss Battles

Thor Boss Battles

About game «Thor Boss Battles»

If you are an avid fan of Avengers, then we have a very good game that you must play. And especially those who adore Thor will like it. He came to us from the Marvel Universe to carry out a very responsible mission. All superheroes have their own superpower, and it's no secret. Thor has a super strong hammer and because of this everyone is afraid of him. He can fight any fight. And today Thor faces a very important mission. The fact is that he needs to defeat Asgard, who has long been constantly annoying Thor and his friends. Moreover, we need to help Thor defeat his worst enemies - Loki, the Enchantress and Hela. The fight will begin with a duel with Loki and we must be prepared for this. Use the powerful hammer of Thor to smash all obstacles and eventually defeat all enemies. Have much fun.

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