The Bungee - Gumball

The Bungee - Gumball

About game «The Bungee - Gumball»

Play The Bungee – Gumball online free installment. In this game we will play with the little sister of Gumball, who is fond of Daisy Toys. The task is to pick up every animal stuff that is within your sight before the time is up. You guessed that The Bungee plot is developed based on the famous Cartoon Network series. So, the key point is to pick up the all the toys that you will be able to find in a limited amount of time. You will hear the bungee and that means you could no longer pick up stuff. Anais also will help you in this job and you two must create just a perfect team. Remember that you can access this game from all the various types of gadgets and devices.

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