Tank vs Tiles

Tank vs Tiles

About game «Tank vs Tiles»

In the game Tank vs Tiles you will be the driver of the tank, and you will have to master the shooting. After all, in front of you will be a stream of colorful tiles (namely pink and blue), and each of them you will need to destroy. But not everything is so easy. The fact is that the pink tiles can be destroyed only with pink shells, and blue - blue. To select the desired color, simply click on the desired part of the screen. Pink on the left and blue on the right. Over time, the game will be more difficult to put, and to destroy one large tile will need to shoot it several times in a row. And you need to shoot quickly, because if the tile reaches the bottom of the screen, then you lose and have to start all over again. We believe that you will make a great shooter! Be careful and attentive. Good luck!

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