Tank Battle

Tank Battle

About game «Tank Battle»

In the game Tank Battle you will take part in a real tank war. You will have your own tank that will move across the battlefield. Also next to you will be your allies, and of course the other side - the enemies. Your task will be to track down enemies and shoot at them from the barrel of your tank. The game is built in 3D style and according to the real laws of physics. So you need to learn to feel the tank and then you will manage it like a professional. The game is easy to play, the main thing is to learn which keys and what they are responsible for. Use WASD to move, or you can use the arrows for this. Press Q to change the weapon type. You will also need the keys of your mouse: left - shoot, right - sight. If you suddenly need to leave the game, you can always pause it with the Tab key. Good luck!

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