Talking Tom Hidden Stars

Talking Tom Hidden Stars

About game «Talking Tom Hidden Stars»

Probably our most users decided that we completely forgot about them, since there were no games for their age for a long time, but we decided to correct this situation, especially since there is something. So, welcome - Talking Tom Hidden Stars, a bright and colorful puzzle for kids that will help you meet their pet and find all the hidden objects with him. Who hid the stars in six rooms for little Tom? To be honest, we do not know, but we still have guesses, maybe this is his girlfriend Angela? It seems that there is no one else, Tom is not friends with mice, which means this is definitely Angela. Well, okay, it's not so difficult to go through six levels, if, of course, you are as attentive as possible, which some kids cannot do. They, of course, will try to find all the stars, by the way, the stars are not highlighted in gold or yellow, they are translucent, which significantly complicates the task, which means you have to take a good look, or lose.

Watch how to play: