Sweet Ooodyssey - Adventure Time

Sweet Ooodyssey - Adventure Time

About game «Sweet Ooodyssey - Adventure Time»

In Sweet Ooodyssey - Adventure Time, you will travel the magical Land of Ooo. The Land of Ooo is the continent where many of the kingdoms of Adventure Time are located: Candy Kingdom, Flame Kingdom, Lemon Kingdom, Berry Kingdom, Ice Kingdom, Slime Kingdom, Breakfast Kingdom, Wizard City, Goblin Kingdom and Beautopia, among others. The goal of your journey is to find all the kidnapped princesses. They were kidnapped by the mischievous Ice King in order to lure Princess Bubblegum and force them to marry him. But the princess will not give up so easily, and together with her royal pet Lady Livnerog sets off in search of the kidnapped princesses. In the game, you will fly through different circles and thus earn bonus points. At the end of each level, you need to fly through the ring of stars to rescue one of the many fairy princesses. Good luck!

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