Supra Drift 2

Supra Drift 2

About game «Supra Drift 2»

"Supra Drift and Stunts 2" is a ride on a legendary car that is over 20 years old! You might have seen this car in the first Fast and Furious movie. Now you will have the opportunity to feel like a real street racer in a big night metropolis! Experience the amazing cool car simulator in your favorite drift car - Supra. Stroll through the gorgeous Tokyo-inspired city at night and score as many drift points as you can. You can collect points for drifting, stunts, difficult maneuvers, or dangerous driving. To get a lot of points in drifting, you need to drift without stopping all the time. A large monument will work very well, you can ride sideways very well around it. But be careful, the locals don't like to hear loud engine sounds very much. What if they call the police? Be careful, don't let them catch you.

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