Supermarket Dash

Supermarket Dash

About game «Supermarket Dash»

You've probably been to the supermarket more than once to buy the things you need. You may have noticed that sometimes, for example, before a big holiday in the supermarket, real madness begins. Everyone is running around, picking up a lot of goods and the cashier does not have time to serve everyone. Today is exactly the day when real madness is happening in the supermarket. You have to help a poor cashier to serve customers. In a day, you need to serve a lot of clients in order to make the right amount of money. If you do not do this, the supermarket will be closed. So, if you're ready, let's get started! As soon as you enter the supermarket, you will see a real madness, a huge number of customers are already waiting at the checkout. This means that you immediately need to sit down at the checkout and let the visitors go. Your task is to correctly sort the products and pack them in the necessary packages, select products from the list of buyers, count customers at the checkout, other duties that the employee in the supermarket must perform. Be careful and hurry up. Good luck!

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