Super World Adventure

Super World Adventure

About game «Super World Adventure»

Do you like games about Mario? Of course you love! What are we asking... After all, even our parents loved to play Mario on consoles. But now the gaming industry has evolved and we have more opportunities to play our favorite games. There are many Mario games on our site, and next to them there are also games with other characters, but the games are all designed in the style of Mario. And Super World Adventure is just one of those games. We really like the graphics of this game, because when you run on the map, you feel real pleasure from the scenery around you. The essence of the game is exactly the same as in the original Mario. You need to run forward, pass the levels, and at the same time collect coins, avoid or kill your enemies and try not to fall into the abyss. Your hero has three lives. If you lose them, you will have to start the game over. Good luck!

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