Super Rocket Buddy

Super Rocket Buddy

About game «Super Rocket Buddy»

Remember the series of games about the cute character Buddy? Of course, remember! Today we present another exciting game with this character! Buddy always finds fun adventures and his life is never boring. This time, he stumbled upon a huge cannon, in which he himself completely fits. Can you guess what will happen? Yes, Buddy is going to be a shell tonight! And you will control the cannon. Your target will be balloons painted in red and blue to resemble a target. Your task is very simple. You will shoot from the cannon and try to hit the target to destroy all the balls that you see on the screen. Use your mouse or touchpad to adjust your flight path and hit the target! If there are obstacles on the way to the ball, you can also remove them by firing a cannon. For each shot you will receive a certain amount of points. Good luck!

Watch how to play: