Super Bowmasters

Super Bowmasters

About game «Super Bowmasters»

Super Bowmasters is a great toy for fans of Mario style games. You have to control a skillful ninja who needs to advance deep into enemy territory, collecting bonuses along the way and destroying all rivals in his path. This is a very important task for you, so get ready to complete it! The game provides 6 levels that cannot be called easy and small. You have a bow and arrow at your disposal that perfectly deal with enemies - in just 1 shot. But keep in mind that their number is limited. While arrows are meant for crates as well, don't waste them. Try to collect all the bonuses that are in your field of vision, as well as from secret places, knocking out crystals from them. All this will affect your gaming account. In the future, the number of opponents will increase, and it will no longer be possible to destroy them with one shot.

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