Stunt Car Driving Pro

Stunt Car Driving Pro

About game «Stunt Car Driving Pro»

Do you consider yourself an experienced driver? Then welcome to Stunt Car Driving Pro game! Here you will not only drive cars around the city, observing traffic rules, you will perform the most dangerous and impossible stunts. This spectacle is waited by a lot of spectators, so you will have to try hard to meet their expectations. All 4 cars are available to you in the game, three of which can be bought by collecting green crystals during the game. Take the first available car and start playing. Go to the city map and start driving your sports car. There are many different jumps and slides installed on the map for performing a variety of tricks. You can just jump, or you can perform flips and somersaults in the air, and then try to land successfully on the wheels. Play and create your own adventure as you drive through the city. Explore an unusual city and its stunt platforms.

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