Stinkfly Showtime - Ben 10

Stinkfly Showtime - Ben 10

About game «Stinkfly Showtime - Ben 10»

Stinkfly Showtime - Ben 10 is as bright and exciting as the cartoon about Ben 10 and his friends. During the game (or rather 40 levels) you need to shoot some nasty blue creature with your mouse from a gray cannon and collect green bundles of dollars in the air. For example, in the first level you need to collect at least 1000 bucks. In the upper left corner, the number of remaining attempts, the amount of dollars collected in this room and in general, is written. It is clear that the more packs of dollars you collect, the richer you become. At the top of the screen is also the location of the packs in the air (map), and you are the blue dot. Therefore, the flight can be designed! The blue creature sits in a huge cannon, which is controlled by a cheerful guy in a red vest. In order to choose the direction and strength of the flight, you need to hold down the left mouse button and start driving it near the gun.

Watch how to play: